What part of mass is essential to receive communion

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Absolve you of what?

This is not true.

I think you are asking the wrong question.

Receiving communion is not the issue. Fulfilling the obligation is the issue. You can receive any time. You have not fulfilled the obligation if you do not assist at the entire Mass. If it is a circumstance out of your control, such as getting lost and no other Mass being available, then it is not a sin. If it is in your control, you do indeed need to go to another Mass.

Note that one may not simply happen to walk into a Church at Communion time (like say one is touring the sites of Rome) and receive if one has ALREADY received Holy Communion that day. (One may though receive a second time at a second Mass one attends …)

I always understood that one should be present for the consecration of the bread and wine, when they become the Body and Blood of Christ, thus we are able to take part in the feast.
I’m not entirely sure how this fits in with taking communion to the sick and housebound but I suppose there are other rules governing this.

People have all sorts of things they “heard” as children or adults. However, there is no Church law stating this. As others have indicated, you can receive communion at any time, inside Mass or out. If you receive a second time it must be at a Mass you attend.

There are no “rules” stating one must attend Mass to receive the Eucharist, or some part of Mass.

One may even receive outside of Mass (if one has not received that day…unless your dying)

There is though regarding a “second communion” that day.

so its totally cool when a person comes in during the gospel, receives communion and then leaves immediately after?

doesnt seem respectful.

that would mean they didnt fulfill their obligation for that sunday and if they dont go to confession before the following sunday they would be in a state of mortal sin and commit sacrilege upon reception at that time, correct?

I see more of that during the weekdays. On our noon Mass, some wait until 12:25pm outside or in back, then proceed to receive communion and leave. Sometimes it seems there are more people receiving communion than attending Mass.

I agree that it doesn’t seem respectful, but there is no hard and fast rule here. I once arrived just before the final blessing. Our city was experiencing massive flooding and we were delayed on our way to church. The priest offered to give us communion after the liturgy was over.

So what would you say about a person who comes to Church at the very end of the weekday Mass and receives Holy Communion before heading out to work.

What Church law did they violate?

Or a person who does the same thing at a Sunday early morning Mass, but stays around praying the Rosary and goes to next Mass? What obligation was missed?? What Church law was violated? What disrespect was shown?

Yes, it is fine to receive the Eucharist if that is the first or only time receiving. If they are receiving a second time, it must be at a Mass they attend (exception would be Viaticum).

that is an opinion.

Receiving the Eucharist and meeting the obligation are two different things. Yes, they are still under the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days.

this was an informative read…


Jimmy Akin Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers:


Negligence in regard to properly planning to attend mass out of love of God, and arrive on time. It has to do with the vice of sloth (acedia) and the contrasting virtue of diligence.

Yes, that’s a better answer.


My pastor says that when we are prevented from being in the Mass through no fault of our own, that it does not matter how late we come in, we may join the procession to receive Communion. The obligation to attend Mass and the requirements for receiving Communion are not entwined. That is why Communion may be delivered to those who are home-bound or in the hospital. Hope that helps!

This was a weekday mass… not on a holy day,

I would feel awkward receiving IF I were not there for at least most of the mass/// but thanks for all the input… learn something new every day even after 50+ years.

But I would think that if someone arrived just as communion is being distributed then they indeed did not fulfill their obligation to attend Mass and thus cannot receive Communion unless they intend to attend an additional Mass that same Sunday.

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