What People Around the World Are Saying about Ferguson

On Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo., Darren Wilson, a white police officer, fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. Brown’s body was left in the street for four hours.
Brown’s shooting was a familiar American tragedy in a country where a study found young black men ages 15 to 19 are 21 times more likely to be shot by police officers than young white men of the same age.
But it became a global story when local police — outfitted in tactical hardware that made them seem more like an occupying army than a force meant to “protect and serve” the people — cracked down on protesters and detained journalists. While cops were firing rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon established a curfew to keep people off the streets.

The world noticed.


Gee I wonder what these other countries would do to someone that had an altercation with a police officer in their country(Or whatever name they may use for those to protect their citizens) and a similar situation.

Repeating a “comment” I made about this nationwide unrest in the U.S.A following a “news story” presented by YAHOO NEWS about the unrest and violence nationwide :

Yes Mr. Commenter…there is indeed “something wrong with our culture…” …We are ALL living in a “culture of darkness”… a very frightening time of GODLESSNESS exists throughout the entire " Western world. >> NO GOD << --no PEACE — >>>KN0W GOD <<< -----KNOW PEACE <<< We must ALL come to our senses and reverse this unbelievable course we are on before ALL of civilization comes crashing down upon us !!! NATURAL LAWS and the TEN COMMANDMENTS are being ignored and broken. If we stay on the course we are ALL on, there will be no one left to ‘CLEAN UP THE BLOOD’ !!! Let us pray on our knees, especially at this THANKSGIVING time, that we will STOP THE INSANE MADNESS that is gripping the United States of America. You and I and everyone, as you very clearly stated, need to realize that the finger of blame MUST be pointed at ourselves. WE ARE OUR WORST ENEMIES !!!

Following these INSANE events in the news reminds me of events which happened in Germany in the late 1930’s, prior to the start of the 2nd World War. Let us all pray fervently for God’s intervention to STOP THIS MADNESS before it’s too late !!!

Would they leave a dead body in the street for four hours?

I have no idea. I’m not an expert in the police procedures in other countries.

This is what the American police have done. They kill an unarmed teenager and then they leave his body lying in the street for four hours.

I am personally saddened by the damage to small businesses that are not probably insured against civil unrest caused by the riots.
In our State in Australia, our police have shot and killed five people within a month. This is unheard of in a peaceful country where police shootings might be once in a few years normally. No riots, no retaliatory deaths, no massive protests.
We trust our police to have the internal and coronal investigations that are appropriate to determine whether training methods etc are OK. We grieve with the poor police who shot the individuals attacking them, knowing they will be affected for life.
It would appear that America has massive latent poverty issues exacerbated by racial tensions that still bedevil them. I pray for all involved but cannot understand the immediate recourse to mass violence. This is alien here.

Yes. It’s called crime-scene investigation and they do it all the time.

If they remove the body before doing a thorough investigation the accusation is “police coverup.” If they take their time and do it right, the accusation is “disrespect.” :rolleyes:

What should they have done? Removed the body immediately before the coroner arrived? Before the crime-scene photos were taken? Have you NEVER SEEN an area cordoned off with crime-scene tape and a battery of police vehicles?

BTW, it’s okay for an officer to shoot someone who is trying to steal his weapon. DNA evidence from inside the driver’s side of the police car seems to confirm that the ‘victim’ was actually reaching inside the vehicle in an attempt to get the gun.

We’ve had our own spate of police shootings lately. We don’t have the same gun culture as the US, but recently the Police in our state have shot (and killed?) three men for various reasons, in all cases brandishing some kind of weapon.


I don’t know the full facts, so I’d rather leave it to the coroner’s court to decide whether the shootings were justified or not.

I think in the US though, the police tend to be a bit gun-happy due to the fact they don’t know themselves what the other person might do next eg. pull out a gun.

I remember when I was driving a cab part time, and I picked up a young bloke from the airport. He recalled one trip when he went to the US from Australia, and hired a car. He was pulled up for some reason by the local police. Over here it’s not unusual for the driver to get out of the car to talk to the cops.

So that’s what he did. The next thing he knew he was spread eagled against the car, with a couple of cops waving their guns around, and was promptly hauled off to the station.

After the misunderstanding was sorted out, the cops were all apologies for the cultural mistake, and actually thought it was a bit of a joke.

They asked him, “How long have you been in the states?”

He looked at his watch, gave a resigned sigh, and said, “About two hours!”

Another reaction from Canada, where racism seems to be alive and well:


Canadian pro-Ferguson rally organizers ask ‘whites’ to stay in background

A suggestion that white and non-black protesters limit their visibility and “stand behind black folks” at protests Tuesday in Ottawa and Toronto against the fatal shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Mo., has sparked a heated debate on social media.

Here’s one example, in the UK, of two armed men who had just beheaded an off duty soldier, in broad daylight, running towards armed police once they had arrived on the scene.

Forward to minute 1.28. youtube.com/watch?v=DyDub9QHZxo

I think it’s the fact that people are shot ‘dead’, so often, especially younger people. There are other ways of taking people down.

Both these men appeared at court several days later, after being hospitalised.

It doesn’t really the heck matter what they think. Droves of people from every country in the world continue to try immigrate to the United States.

When people from other countries stop trying to move here and become Americans, I’ll be worried about what they think of us.

People from other countries can’t possibly understand what it means to be a citizen of the United States and how privileged we are to live here. They don’t know our history (specifically our black history), and they don’t experience daily our culture.

They see mayhem and destruction, which is certainly happening in Missouri and is a disgrace and sinful. But many non-Americans fail to see the many peaceful protests and the many articles and presentations in the various media which testify of our constitutional right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. In the world today, there are many people who are fighting and dying to get these rights, which they currently can’t even imagine having. We have them. I’m proud to be a citizen of the United States.

When it comes to this specific case, many people who live in the United States have a half-understanding of the evidence and the facts. If we who live here don’t understand the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Brown and the accusations against a policeman, then how on earth would people in other countries understand? They’re jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Again, many of these critics would give their eye-teeth to move here and be citizens.


I suppose people outside the US are doing the same thing as a lot people in the US - only listening to the agitators and baiters and not actually reading the report for themselves. :rolleyes:

Maybe you should interview the store owner that this unarmed black teenager had confronted and stole from. This was a huge teenager who could have body slammed someone easily and done damage or pummeled someone with his fist causing serious damage. The officer said the kid had the look of the devil.
Have you ever come face to face with a criminal wanting to do you harm? If you haven’t you need to stop criticizing.
His stepfather was quiet spoken until the night they made the announcement about the grand jury decision then he went nuts. They show him in video outraged saying “Burn this b---- down!”
You wonder what this teen might have been learning or hearing at home. This is a tragic story, but the victim had a big role to play in
this story.

Which report, the one that I can only take in small bytes because every new thing I learn raises my blood pressure?

The “my camera’s batteries ran out” and-there-was-nowhere-within-4-hrs-drive-to-replace-them report? That purported forensic report? Must be some other, because all that report does in my eyes is underline the disrespect for the dead young man.

We don’t know what the teen was hearing at home because as far as I know, that man wasn’t then grieving the loss of a child with no justice to follow.

It’s unquestionably wrong to loot and steal, but maybe it’s human to be angry and explode when you feel utterly powerless over an obvious injustice never even brought to trial for the inevitable “not guilty” verdict to be pronounced.

Perhaps it’s even understandable parents might go insane with rage when the authorities repeatedly deprive them of basic courtesies and ramp up the suspense over hours to take the announcement into prime time TV hours AT NIGHT. Why would they have done that? Maybe to prove Guiliani ‘right’ - that police are in their communities because they’re killing each other, these criminals?

Just to spoil Guiliani’s victim bash a bit: Mike Brown’s killing was the first in that community for the year. Facts…bothersome things.

But he doesn’t need to be killed for doing that, especially a teenager. The police need to shoot to disable NOT kill. There was plenty of years remaining for that young man to change his lifestyle.

If he’d just not attacked the police officer in the first place, none of this would have happened.

Thank you. I don’t know how many highly successful people today cannot recount serious infractions in their youth. Even “good kids” do stuff that their parents never find out about - take this from someone who has seen the college party lifestyle up close and personal.

Even if Wilson’s account of an unarmed kid charging an armed officer, is to be accepted without question, is there no training that allows him to be disabled without being killed?

I suspect that the real problem here, which we see time and again, is an irrational fear of young black boys based partly on their physique and partly on ingrained prejudices. A recent study showed that black kids as young as kindergarten age, are routinely assessed as older than their real age AND (?) consequently punished to a greater degree than their peers.

Unless we address these real issues, we will continue the dead-kid blaming that is as predictable as the not guilty verdicts when these events occur. We fear - therefore we are justified in killing. How does that make us better than anyplace on earth where prejudice kills?

We Americans love mass violence. Give us an excuse to riot, and we will. We riot when our sports teams win national championships. We riot when our sports teams lose national championships. College students riot for the fun of it when they have massive binge drinking parties. We riot over court decisions. There’s something in the sound of shattering glass, in the kinetic energy of rocking a city bus onto its side that does something to a person. Makes him feel real good about himself.

We’re always angry because The Man is keeping us down. What do we want? We want to be free! We want to be free to ride! We want to be free to ride without getting hassled by The Man!

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