What People Around the World Are Saying about Ferguson

I understand that people think this is easy to do; shoot to wound, but it’s not an easy thing. I have personally never shot anyone and hope never to do so, but I’m a pretty good target shooter with a pistol. Even so, trying to shoot something with a pistol that’s moving in unpredictable ways is really difficult, and that’s especially true if one’s adrenalin level is high at the moment. You’ll miss entirely most of the time.

He was an angry teenager, he does not need to be killed for that.

I posted a video of 2 armed men that had just beheaded an off duty soldier in the UK, and they ran to shoot the police that arrived and were DISABLED by bullets, not killed. A much more serious offence. There are methods of taking people down without killing them.

Now this is bringing prejudice in to picture but on the other hand, African American youths, young black males, though a small part of the population are responsible for much of the violent crime in the US.

** Time: “Young Black Men Murder 14 Times More than Young White Men”
August 22, 2013 **


This is a big part of the equation and East St. Louis, not that far from Ferguson, places like Gary Indiana and so on, neighborhoods in most big cities have much higher crime rates and many have had that as long as can be remembered.

“I find it very disappointing that you’re not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said in his Nov. 23, 2014, appearance on the show.


Because it is an active crime scene.

I posted a video or armed officers doing just that with two men coming forward.

It needs to be ingrained into ‘armed’ police officer’s training regimes, shoot to disable not kill.

I thought of this too, however, Michael Brown was charging the officer so the most the officer could do is say, aim at the youths legs, lower body. This might be possible to do but in real time, the officer is acting in self-defense.

So a lesson here may well be for officers to treat a hostile attack in a different way.

:thumbsup: Exactly, they’re kids. No doubt very angry and aggressive ones, but ‘armed’ police should have better methods of dealing with same.

In the meantime,

Reports: FBI agents shot in St. Louis. No connection reported to Ferguson


If that’s true it’s probably because young black men make up the highest crime demographic. And they are more likely than that to be shot by another black man.
Black on black violence is what kills the most blacks. But Al Sharpton and the liberal national media are never to be found when it happens.

:thumbsup: And stats show those ‘kids’ disproportionately are responsible for a large portion of murders in the US.

Exactly. Being an armed police person IMO, lowers the level of ‘policing’ required in situations. The gun acts as a get-out if things are too difficult to handle.

There needs to be more training, whether they have to come up with some some super-duper new weapon that shoots at a distance and only disables people, (a long distance tazer) rather than use a lethal weapon that ‘shoots to kill’.

The tragic thing about this story was the false narrative that was first disseminated by a credulous media: “White cop shoots unarmed black man”, as if this was vicious, racist cop unloading his firearm into an innocent and defenseless victim for no reason.

Once that lie went out, there was no reeling it back in.

It would, I am sure, vary with the skill of the shooter and the situation. But I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that in those instances in which officers manage to “shoot to disable” and succeed when the timeline is fast, the success is most often due to sheer chance.

Let me add that there aren’t that many parts of the body where a person could wound without a high likelihood of causing a death. Even in the leg. If you blast the femoral artery apart in the upper thigh, the person shot is probably going to die.

Cops are trained to shoot for the largest part of the body…not Hollywood movie style where Roy Rogers shoots the felons belt buckle and his pants fall down


I don’t believe outsiders are trying to demonise America, in our comments on the terrible riots, deaths and property damage at Ferguson. Australia is one of the most loyal friends America has; yet it is a good friend who can point out one’s failures without a person losing face. America is the hope of the free world, but there is much obvious tension within your society. I remember being amazed in Texas seeing men carrying hand guns like in the films of the old west. Many countries exist where people walk with less fear than in many of your cities, seeing less decayed infrastructure and endemic poverty. But you should be proud of your country. For which other is the first to aid others in crisis; which other stands in front of the oppressed in protection. You should indeed be proud of your citizenship, especially now that your President is allowing millions of illegal immigrants to share so freely in your wealth. We just deport them or turn them back before they get here. You have opened your boarders so freely now having listened to the Pope’s call to welcome all. You are indeed braver than we Australians.

Which part of your quote - “White cop shoots unarmed black man” - is untrue, pray?

In your dreams if you think the majority of us agree with Obama on immigration

:thumbsup::thumbsup: I find it laughable that North Korea is lecturing the U.S. on human rights.
What has happened in Fergusen has saddened me terribly. We need to pray for Fergusen, and our country. Our problems are spiritual at the root, and this is obvious in other areas beyond race relations- such as breakdown of the family, ect.
However a lot of other countries have no room to criticize. I’m not going to name any specifics, but there are other countries that have gross human rights abuses that like to criticize the U.S.

The concept of spin is to single out technically true aspects in order to convey a specific, often false, impression. The naive are deceived by such media tactics. The above example is intended to suggest the black man was not a threat (because he was technically not armed with a mechanical weapon) and suggests that race was a factor in the incident. They could have just as well said, “Police officer shoots aggressing 280-lb attacker” and have been just as true, but paints a different picture.

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