What percentage of Single Catholics who are 20+ are practicing abstinence?


I know that its low. Some say as low as 5% and I have no way of finding out how true it is and I honestly can’t say it couldn’t be true. I wonder what the percentage would be of those who attend Sunday Mass REGULARLY.



No idea what the percentage is but I think of those who are going to church regularly and grow up in a family whose catholic values are pretty strong, then it would probably be about 50%…if you include those who do try to practice abstinence but have fallen a couple times, it would be a lot higher…maybe 70%…I just know that all the ppl I know who have strong family religious influence and go to church regularly, abstinence is pretty high - also this doesn’t just apply to catholics but I’ve noticed it with baptists and born-again christian friends of mine.



It’s 100% of me. :slight_smile:

Probably a lot more people than you think. Don’t get discouraged.


I’ve never heard a statistic for that specific population, but I can tell you that I am.


Probably about the same percentage of married Catholics who are not contracepting. Almost all of my friends are in this category, mostly because it’s awkward being with people who are cohabitating, but I know I live in a small bubble :o


Well, I know a lot who did-- my circle of friends from my church-- even well past the “20s” for many.


I do.


I’ve been dating for 10 years now… was in two LTR, both during times where I was away from the church. I’m now back in, and involved with my local parish.

In meeting a different kind of woman, a strong Catholic woman, I’ve met them using various methods: through friends, randomly (yes it happens) and through dating websites, both Catholic-focused and non-Catholic-focused. In all cases, the women I’ve met have discussed with me that they do wish to have sex before marriage, if the relationship develops to that level. This includes many women on Catholic websites! In all but 1 case, they would leave a relationship if there was no sex before marriage.

My concern is that for a guy who abstains, he may end up with no DW ever - or only find a DW after child-rearing days. (I do not wish to be 50 with a 3 year old.)

Is it really have sex before marriage or don’t ever get married?


I that that the 5% figure might have been produced by the Guttmacher Institute but I might be wrong. I can tell you that I am 21 and practicing abstinence. I don’t know of specific research but it is probably out there somewhere.


It wasn’t the Guttmacher Institute. It was an educated guess from a good friend of mine.


Me. But I’m old. :smiley:


I would never enter into a relationship if I knew a woman wouldn’t respect my choices. So much for the idea of loving your partner.

I’d rather follow God’s will than my own preferences. If that means being single, and a virgin, all my life, okay. Or if that means not having children until I am 50, okay. God knows what is best for us.

If you’re looking for a faithful Catholic woman, you might try avemariasingles.com


I have seen those Catholic websites and what gets me is how some of the single women there list that they have no kids, and are unsure if they do want them, but yet they consider themselves “conservative”. That admission might prevent them from contracting into Catholic marriage.

I understand your concerns about abstinence but I can assure you that its not as bad as that. Have you thought about Ave Maria Singles? Perhaps, where you live has a Catholic pro life group? I say that as Catholics who are active in Pro Life are more obedient to the Church’s teaching on chastity than those who aren’t.


I am pretty sure that figure was produced by some researchers. I remember reading about it on the news but don’t recall which group of researchers produced the figure.


I am not sure but I think this might be the study: publichealthreports.org/userfiles/122_1/12_PHR122-1_73-78.pdf

I don’t how accurate it is, or if anyone has disputed its results.


I feel your pain as a single 34 year old woman. I joined the church at age 25 and changed many things about the way I was living. I was living a more secular lifestyle back then. Now that I am trying my hardest to live a chaste lifestyle the dating game is much more difficult. Seems everyone thinks if you are not having sex your not that into them. I do believe though that there are still good Catholics out there and with trust and patience they will come.


Yup. Though I suppose thinking that way is a sign of a bigger problem with attitude (a sign of the time, not necessarily anything for which to blame that person), which generally means the person doesn’t have a grasp of what Christian marriage is about, which means we shouldn’t really make moves on that person.


Another guy here who feels your pain.

On a more upbeat note, a friend on mine (who is around 46 or 47, I think) just got married last year (on the feast of the Annunciation, so we were all thinking “baby on Christmas day”) and they are expecting their first child later this month.


Don’t lose hope, i got married at 29 to a wonderful Catholic women of the same age and same values. It was difficult to wait, but we were gald we did. pray to God to lead you in the right direction, He wil listen.


I often wonder too…

All I know is that I’m 26, and I practice abstinence…and I hope that I’m not the only one…even though it sure feels like it sometimes, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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