What podcasts do you listen to?

I recently started listening to podcasts on my iPod. Which ones do you listen to on a regular basis?
Here’s what I listen to:
Old-Time Radio: There’s different categories for this series, one for each genre. For someone who really enjoys this stuff, this is great.
Word on Fire: A Catholic priest’s sermons.
Doctor Who Audio Dramas: Note to any Who fans out there: This is NOT Big Finish’s contribution to the expanded universe. This is a fan-made series, with original companions (except for K-9, who does act somewhat differently from his TV series counterpart. He actually growls). It’s actually quite good, although I wish the show actually did a more concentrated effort to bring back missing episodes so I can be more properly introduced to the companions. They get extra points for actually having a mute character, though.

Catholic Answers Live :thumbsup:

And Dave Ramsey (when I don’t just listen to his radio show). :slight_smile:

EWTN’s Sunday Homily, Fr. Pacwa’s Open Line and Live programs, Mother Angelica’s Classics, Archive Classic Movies (ACM). Thanks for pointing out Word on Fire Ministries.

I subscribe to more podcasts than I really have time to listen to each week: In addition to podcasts from SQPN (The Break w/ Father Roderick, Praystation Portable, Secrets of Harry Potter), I also am subscribed to Fr. Z’s PODCAzT, the daily podcasts from Slate.com – even though many of the regular commentators are too liberal for me – and to the public radio shows This American Life and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Some really great ones are (in no particular order):
Catholic Answers Live
Dr. Dobbin’s Catholic Apologetics
Carmelite Conversations
The Catholic Hack


These are my four primary podcasts:

1-** Mormon Express Podcast -** It’s a podcast run by both ex-Mormons and current Mormons (most current LDS on the show are New Order Mormons) who discuss all things Mormon, many times, if not most times, criticizing the LDS Church, but also providing interesting discussions on the LDS faith and other aspects of LDS. It’s considered pretty controversial at times. Most of what I know about Mormonism is through this podcast. I listen to it mainly because I find Mormonism interesting and this podcast certainly does make it interesting and fun.

2- Harvest with Greg Laurie- Harvest Fellowship (part of Calvary Chapel) is a church in California and their pastor, Greg Laurie, is said to be the new Billy Graham, mostly because he does crusades (Harvest Crusades). The podcasts are his sermons that he gives on Sundays. Pastor Greg is a great teacher and I appreciate his insights. Most of what he says is ok for Catholics, but on the off chance he says something that doesn’t go with Church teaching, I’m strong in my faith to ignore it. But most of the time it’s wonderful analysis on Scripture and Christian living. (And it’s sometimes interesting to hear how Protestants see things). I’m a big Pastor Greg fan. His book Lost Boy is a wonderful personal account of how he became a Christian. And yes, he was one of those “Jesus hippies” back in the day.

3- Walk in the Word with Dr. James MacDonald- Like Harvest podcasts Walk in the Word is the sermons of Dr. James MacDonald, senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel (no relation to Harvest Fellowship above). He’s a great speaker who’s on fire for Christ. And in all the talks I’ve heard, he’s never said something that I said, “That’s not true!” He’s pretty good and I enjoy his sermons. You can’t help but come out of hearing the podcast on fire for Christ.

4- Open Line with Fr. Mitch Pacwa- wonderful show. I learn so much from it. And I’ve called in a couple of times. I love Fr. Mitch.

I’ve been listening to Mormon Expression more and more recently because it’s so fascinating, and it’s the most entertaining one and I don’t have as much time to hear all the podcasts I’d like to listen to.

And when I make the four hour car ride for a vacation at Universal Studios, I’ll put on Harry Potter themed podcasts since Universal has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. i like MuggleCast. You just reminded me to download a few episodes for tomorrow! :thumbsup:

Thank you for all your recommendations of Catholic-themed podcasts. I had no idea so many existed!!

I frequently listen to:

The National Gallery podcast

The Doctor Who Podcast

Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s film review podcast

Jazz Library podcast (BBC Radio 3)

Composer of the Week podcast (BBC Radio 3)

All of the podcasts I listen to are stories. These are some of my favorites.

1: Anything from Librivox. These are recordings of public domain stories. I’ve listened to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Scarlett Pimpernel and The Man Who Was Thursday. Right now I’m on Ivanhoe.

2: The Gearheart by Alex White. The description read “Magic, Adventure and Gunfights!” That pretty much says it all.

3: Iron Dragons by Derek P. Gilbert. This involves a world with dragons and men who have special abilities over dragons and other natural forces. A problem arises when odd things start happening and one of these men gains control over several dragons. There is a really great plot twist around episode 9 or 10.

4: Shadowmagic by John Lenahan. The adventures of a teenager as he tries to defeat his evil uncle and not get himself killed in a world based on Celtic myths.

Short Stories

1: Beneath Ceaseless Skies My favorite fantasy podcast.

2: Cast Macbre An interesting horror podcast.

3: The Drabblecast Sometimes a bit off-color, but always weird and fun.

4: Tom Vs. Aquaman (formerly Tom Vs. The Flash) Technically this isn’t a short story podcast. It’s a guy reading old comic books and making jokes about them, but I still get a story and it’s short, so it goes here.

I used to listen to the MOTH podcast. It’s a story-telling podcast.

I haven’t had time or interest to listen much lately though.

I absolutely LOVE GrammarGirl – but my kids hate her because she comes off to them like a snooty Grammarian.

I also used to catch “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” from NPR on podcast, because I never seem to remember to listen live.

For guys there is the men of jesus christ podcast. Catholic and solid

Great thread!

I have four podcasts I listen to consistently:


Catholic Answers

Prairie Home Companion

Doctor Who Podcast (fills in for when I used to listen to the Battlestar Galactica Podcast)

I don’t listen to podcasts a lot, but my friend told me about this website. Supposedly the website has free ebook promotions and stuff like that. He said it was www.lemonparty.org or something like that.

Between the Covers from CBC Radio (Great Book listens)
Boston Blackie Podcast Master Detective (OTR)
Catholic Answers LIVE _this week
Catholic Bible Boot Camp
Catholic Under the Hood
Catholic Foodie
Classic OTR
Divine Mercy in My Soul
EWTN _ The Journey Home
EWTN _ Mother Angelica Classic
Frommers.com Podcast
Gunsmoke Podcast
IPadre Catholic Podcast
Italian - Survival Phrases (going to Italy this August)
Kresta in the Afternoon
Lino at Large
RadioMensa.net (The best in OTR)
Pray as you Go (lectio Divina and great music and reflection daily … one of my favorites)
Rick Steves Paris and Italy (both bgood)
Travel with Rick Steves
The SaintCast
We’re Alive (Scary modern radio drama with zombies taking over the world)
The Reason for our Hope Weekly Homilies

manley woman skatecast


Really good stuff about figure skating.

I listen to the Catholic Lab (or Catholic Laboratory, I forget which one it goes by) But that’s mainly because I am a science minded Catholic. Ian just finished up a nice series on Theology of the Body and the science supporting it. I’d highly recommend it

Other than that I’m subscribed to many podcasts but I dont really listen to them. EWTN’s Life on the Rock, the Saintcast, and Fr. Frank Pavone’s Bi-Weekly Column are a few of the ones I have on here.

I listen to a lot more podcasts these days than music during my commute.

Favorites, all available for free on iTunes:

Catholic Stuff You Should Know - friendly little 15 - 20 minute podcast by some seminarians awaiting ordination in Denver - points of Catholic theology, interesting saints, Catholic history and culture, just a really enjoyable show that fits in quickly during short trips and breaks.

**Catholic in a Small Town **- Just what it says. A young married couple discuss raising their family Catholic, aa well as what went on in their lives in the last week and even some short DVD reviews. This podcast grows on you, and you start to feel like you know the host.

The Catholic Laboratory - Interesting examination of issues in science from a Catholic perspective with a genial British host.

**Catholic Perspective on Paul **- 11-part podcast on St. Paul, with each episode focusing on a particular area

Chivalry Today - Examines the medieval (and Christian) code of Chivalry as it applies to modern life - everything from Chivalry in modern warfare to the Boy Scouts and Batman.

DebateGod Audio Podcast - compilation of formal debates between Christian apologists and Atheists.

LATINUM - truly a labor of love, an on-line guide to teaching yourself to speak and understand Latin. The host has taken old Latin grammars and texts and recorded spoken-word versions of the lessons, which you won’t be able to find on Pimselur or Rosetta Stone.

Uncommon Sense - the podcast of the G.K. Chesteron Society

I listen to podcasts of The Savage Nation and the Mark Levin Show to balance the nonsense we hear in the mainstream media.

Anime News Network - Gotta be honest I can’t stand the host. He seems like a real “Get off my lawn!” kind of person. But it’s still informative.
Busted Halo Cast
Busted Halo Show
Catholic Answers Live
Catholic In A Small Town - Scandalous!
The Catholic Underground - The first podcast I ever listened to.
The Catholics Next Door
Coverville - I’ve found so many good songs through this podcast.
Daizenshuu EX - I’m not a Dragonball fan but my husband and I are friends with the hosts.
Moustalgia - Podcast about Disneyland and Disney history.
Otaku Generation - Another podcast about anime and video games. Again…we’re friends of the hosts.
Podrunner - This was vital to my Couch to 5K efforts.
Relics of Orr - Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 news.
The WDW Radio Show - The greatest podcast about Walt Disney World EVER.

I’ve also listened to every episode of the Rosary Army Podcast, I really only download episodes from iPadre that interest me, and I eagerly await more SaintCast.

I LOVE podcasts! I listen to too many to keep up with, but here they are:

Catholic Stuff You Should Know: Previously mentioned by another poster, these men are in the Denver-Metro area (where I am located). Interesting facts about Catholicism presented in a humorous manner. It’s great!

Irish History Podcast: Self-explanatory. The guy has a great voice for podcasting. :thumbsup:

Stuff Mom Never Told You: A lot of health and primarily women-centered issues. Very interesting.

Stuff You Missed in History Class: I used to love this, but then they replaced one of the hosts. The two women giggle and make such irritating pronunciation and factual errors that I’m having a very hard time getting through their latest episodes.

The Moth: Storytelling, usually pretty good. If I don’t like a particular story, I just don’t listen to it.

This American Life: A classic! Journalistic storytelling, fiction, and humor combined. A very enjoyable way to spend an hour.

The Napoleon Podcast: A podcast about the life of “Le Petite Corporal”. Can you tell I’m into history yet?

We’re Alive: A zombie apocalypse podcast told like a radio drama. Pretty creepy, especially when the zombies growl!

Free Grrreat Catholic Podcasts :slight_smile:



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