What Prayer Books Do You Use?


I am so pleased because the other day I found a prayer book that I was sorry I had lost, I did a few months in Spain and I was convinced I had left it there but the other day I found it- I am going to start using it again! It is a “St. Anthony’s Treasury” and has nearly every prayer you could imagine in it- it is not new but neither is it ancient, although the only thing is the translation of the Mass in it is now out of date but the prayers and devotions are still good. I also occasionally use some prayers from the 1962 Missal- which is very good.

What do you use, does anyone else use the St. Anthony’s Treasury?

My is simply called “The Catholic prayer book.” It was compiled by Michael Buckley and the “first American edition” was in 1986 and put out by Servant Books. It’s the one I keep closest to me while I’m on the computer. It’s been a big help to me when wanting a prayer for a specific occasion/event.

I use the Liturgy of the Hours.

Oh the inexhaustible treasury of prayers we have is so beautiful, and it feels like we can choose the color we like and pray. :crossrc:

I love the Pieta Book prayers.

Liturgy of the Hours

I’m not sure how to use prayer books. I have the prayer book which contains the Order of the Mass, but other than that, I don’t have any and I’m not sure how to go about using the one I have at the moment. Is that really bad? :shrug:

The Liturgy of the Hours.


I pray the 4 volume Liturgy of the Hours and I’m partial to Blessed Be God for my daily prayer book. For a devotional I really like Benedictus. :smiley:

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