What prayer can I pray when the enemy attacks me emotionally?



I’m bothered that the enemy attacks my vulnerability through emotions. There are times when I feel insecure, having flashback of my past mistakes and having feelings of guilt, regret, shame. Im fightimg not to believe in those lies but there are just moments that I’m highly emotional and tend to believe in those lies.

We all strive for holiness and so I am but it just disappoint me at times when my emotions are low. Is there a prayer for this one?

Thanks and God bless!


The St. Michael prayer is good, along with the Our Father and the Hail Mary.

The Rosary should also be our first weapon of spiritual warfare


@Redrose13 , please don’t give the devil too much credit .

But if you are sure that it is the devil attacking you , tell him that you want Jesus to be Lord of your emotions , and tell him to be gone in the name of your Lord Jesus .

Then gently and calmly pray a prayer as suggested by @Maximilian75 .


Our Lady of Mental Peace prayer




Divine Mercy chaplet.


Pray for the intercession of St Joseph, terror of demons.


Thanks guys! :smiley:


Our Lady Queen of Angels

August Queen of Heaven!
Sovereign Mistress of the angels!
Thou who from the beginning
hast received from God
the power and mission to crush the head of Satan,
we humbly beseech thee
to send thy holy Legions,
that, under thy command
and by thy power,
they may pursue the evil spirits,
encounter them on every side,
resist their bold attacks
and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe.



Hi Rose! It’s so good to seek advice on these things; I’m grateful we have a little community here where we can come together and help each other. :slight_smile:

Just 20 minutes ago I realized while talking to a friend that I became very angry when he brought up a certain topic because of one past experience that I had related to it. So while talking I thought about why I was angry. Eventually I told him I was angry and told him it was because of the topic, and he helped me to see why, and I maybe even healed a little because of that. I say all of that for this: talking also helps. When we have these emotions and Leo them to ourselves, although prayer can help, I think speaking aloud to another person what we are feeling certainly helps very much. Verbalizing it exposes the devils attack :slight_smile: it works immediately I have found. I did this with other emotions in the past, just not anger so that was a new one. Just thought I would add verbalizing the emotion (even here, like you have done) to the list everyone has already made. God bless!


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