What prayer do i use


Is there a prayer that i can use? OK well i need to say a prayer, i lost the girl that i love very much. More that anything would i like to be back with her. I know i have messed up and i feel that our spark is not completly out. I need a prayer that i can say that helps me find my mate if she may be the one. I need a prayer that i can say to open her eyes and realize how much i love her, and that i would die for her and that is the truth. I want so desperatly to be back with her so i can help her in her faith and we can be a couple under God. Can anybody help me. I am not saying that i am going to pray to God for him to give me her cause thats wrong. I want to pray to God to open her eyes to see she what she has infront of her.


Pray to St. Valentine to help you as God will allow and pray to the Holy Spirit for God’s grace to accept whatever outcome ultimately comes along.


hey bro would you mind telling me what happened?


If she believes you’re not the guy, just pray she might find a good husband. loving a girl means you hope every good will be added unto her. what good will she have if she married you then later find you don’t suit her?

so always pray that God may let her know that you hope the best for her.

it’s not you nor your gf but God who will decide if you two should marry,


Speak to God from your heart. No specific written prayer is necessary. Pray though, for you to accept whatever God wills. If is being reunited that is wonderful, but if it is not, pray that you can accept it. God is love. And read 1Corinthians 13:1-13


[quote=DEESYPAL]hey bro would you mind telling me what happened?

Sure it is long but i will try and sum it up. You need to know all the information about us then you will understand why i love her so much! Her name is Felicia, I met felicia about a month after coming home from my private school. We met through a friend she no longer talks to or gets along with. But we hit it off instantly, we then continued to date for about 2 and a half years we were together. About 4 months into i relationship i left for Marine Corps bootcamp. I told her that dont expect her to stay with me, but she did. In fact every day i was gone she wrote me a letter for every day. She was the only person to write me. I graduated and she flew down to see me graduate with her family. We had amazing times. I then had to leave again for furthur training. That time i was gone for 6 months, and again she wrote me everyday we talked all the time. Then i graduated all of that and came home to stay since i was a reservist. When i got back there was a book that she had made me a 164 page scrap book of our lives. It was amazing. Well we were still going pretty strong i was at her house everyday until bed time. Then i went home, infact i lived with her for a few weeks due to family problems. Her family loved me and i loved them. Well about 3 months till the end of our relationship i was a fool. I did not pay attention to her and i began talking to other girls (she never knew this, i told her i was with my friend doing stuff) so yes i lied to her alot i messed up royally this i know. There is nothing that i can do about this. But when she broke it off with me i realized the mistake i made and i have tried to this day to win her back. But she has a boyfriend, yes i have talked to plenty of girls myself since but it was not the same. I could not be into them as much as i was into her which has led me to believe she was my soulmate and i messed it up. I mean who would do all of that for there boyfriend if they did not love them deeply, and i know i messed up but i just want hey back, i want her to love me like she used to, like nobody else could. She i believe is my soulmate and i want her back! Now do you see why i am so upset and can only leave it in gods hands so i have to pray.


Petition the prayers of St. Jude.
Patron Saint of impossible situations. :wink: Good luck!



don’t pray for what you want, pray for her without regard to your own needs and feelings, pray that God protect her and guide her to the fullness of everything He has planned for her life and that she find her happiness in Him. That is the essence of true love. Until you can do that, you don’t love her enough to get her back. Read 1 Corinthians 13 and pray with that scripture

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