What prayers can I say before having a surgery

Hi friends. Next Wednesday I’ll be having an inguinal hernia surgery. What prayers can I say before having this surgery? I’m a little anxious about the surgery and I’m also worried about the effects of the surgery on my health.
Thank you.

Just pray about it.

Also make sure to go to Confession prior.

You can’t go wrong with the rosary.

Every prayer is efficacious if prayed sincerely.
Pray especially for the intercession of St. Luke.
Don’t forget also to pray for the Dr.'s and nurses as well.
God bless!

I’ve had more than my share of surgeries requiring general anesthesia. Before my right arm is strapped down for the IV feed in the OR, I always make the Sign of the Cross. I like witnessing to the medical staff hovering over me at that point.

Any prayer. Just talk to our Lord. Pray also for your medical/surgical team.

Pray to St. Luke. I’ll be praying for you.

Receive the Anointing of the Sick.

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