What Prepared Peter to Become the First Pope; a Short Article on What the Gospels Show about This


“Jesus was preparing Peter to be the first pope from the first day he started to call disciples,” this article begins.“Little but significant actions revealed this to us.”
According to Catholic belief, Jesus made Saint Peter the first pope. Saint Peter, who ended in Rome and died there, was the first of a perpetual series of popes, continuing for thousands of years until today.
This article was written by Bishop Olmsted, bishop of Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA.


Good article!


I feel so happy to be a member of the Catholic Church because we have the unity of beliefs. I would not want to be part of a church where everyone has different opinions. The Church was made by God for men to become holy. It is not our right to change the teachings of God.

I do hope that more and more Anglicans come home to the Catholic Church whether it be the Ordinariate, the Latin Rite or any of the Eastern Roman Catholic Rites. I don’t imagine they are happy with their beliefs being attacked by their own people. We would be happy to welcome them.

I do resent the articles that state that people who view homosexual sex and “marriage” as sins are homophobes. We can see actions as sins and still respect and love the sinners. It seems like a minority of people are trying to dictate what they think the Church should teach to justify their behavior.

If we don’t call homosexual activity a sin, we are not doing anyone a favor. We must always treat others with kindness when faced with the need to point something out.


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