What present to get a preist?


Hello everyone ! Hope you have / had a good weekend !

My situation is that next week is my parish preist 30 anniversary of ordination and are having a “party” so basically teas and stuff after mass and he said to come along and I was wondering what would be an appropriate present ( not to much money) if one at all ? I at least think I should give him a card ? And also he got me a copy of a youth catechism free so should I pay him back for that as well as get him a presant becuase I’ll feel a bit guilty either way ?

So thoughts would help please ?

Thanks Chuck


Are the parish not giving him a present ? If so you should be making a donation to that rather than finding something for him yourself .

You should certainly be able to find a nice ' Anniversary of your Ordination' card .

Unless you know him very well he could well be embarrassed by individual gifts


If it’s he’s okay with personal gifts, in addition to a card, something inexpensive, yet thoughtful would be nice.

A gift certificate to a coffee shop, book store, etc. would be nice. Or, even better, a spiritual bouquet. If you are not familiar with that it is a written promise to perform spiritual exercises for his intentions. Praying the rosary, a holy hour of adoration, praying the stations of the cross, a daily mass, etc. And that can also be a group gift where lots of people write down on the same (nicely typed and maybe illustrated paper) what they will offer.


Just cookies and a card. Or sweets. Most people like sweet foods. :D


How about enrolling him in a perpetual series of Masses? If you’re short on money, the Seraphic Mass Association is quite reasonable.


How about a Spiritual Bouquet? I’m sure all priests like to get extra prays.


For Christmas, we got our priest a gift certificate to a local restaurant. He appreciated it very much and sent a nice thank you card. This was not costly at all but was sincere.


LIFE OF CHRIST by Fulton Sheen which you can find on Amazon.com

A gift certificate to a restaurant or local market. Invite him out to dinner or have him over.

DVD FOR THE GREATER GLORY or a ticket to that show.


I always try to get them something more personal if I can. I know one priest who loves movies, so I'll get him a new DVD for a gift. I know another who it a big fan of classical music, so I've bought him a few instrumental CD's.

And sweets are always good, of course.


How about gift certificates for books? Priests are usually fond of reading. You could get this online from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Or, something for the house: Is he a coffee lover? A nice basket filled with mug, coffee, fruits, treats, (and you could add that gift certificate) is always nice. Pot holders or household things are good too.

Also, a gift certificate to a local restaurant is something he could always use when the Bishop or a visiting priest comes to town.

If he loves golf, there are lots of items always needed.

Hope this helps!


You can also donate to a charity in his name.


This is what I usually do for anniversaries for the priests I know. Or cash if I don’t know their favorite charity.



Does your priest like to read? Get him a gift certificate to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. Then he can pick out something he likes. I bought mine a hand-made rosary I got on etsy.com. I also get statues…Jesus holding a sheep since priests are our shepherds. If you know he isn’t diabetic maybe a container of muffins or cupcakes or cookies (cookies can be frozen). Does he have a Kindle or Nook? A gift card so he can get an e-book would be excellent. Ask the secretary or if he’s serving with another priest ask that priest. There are tons of ideas that don’t cost a lot.

My priest was thrilled with a CD of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that he can listen to in his car-that’s only about 10-12 dollars.

Does he have a hobby? Gardener? Loves the beach, baseball/football team? You can always get something to do with those. I never have a shortage of low cost ideas for priests. I often leave baked goods in the sacristy with a name tag on it. Priests are busy. On St John Vianney’s feast day I bring a full dinner, wine, and dessert to the parish office for the priest and parochial vicar. I love to cook so that’s a gift from my heart.

I have an Irish Parochial Vicar so he gets a goodie basket on St Patrick’s Day. He loves it too. Also, who is your priest’s favorite saint? I know mine, so in that way I can get things that have that saint on it for him.

What do you like to do? Offer that as a gift from your heart. I guess it also depends on what your priest likes to do or what he enjoys.

By all means get a card and write a brief sentiment of what his priesthood has done for your spiritual life and express thanks for all that he sacrifices and how much he means to you. We all need to hear that sometimes. We need to know we are appreciated. They sacrifice so much, we need to let them know we notice that and appreciate them.



your parish should be having a collection for him,

our parish did for his 25 year one and he’d only been with us a month. They also did a cake with his photo on it and can’t imagine what he thought since a lot later on I learned that he don’t like any cake. (aswell as red wine etc) He said all the right thing though.

It was last month when I innocently found out he don’t like cake through just chatting with him. He didn’t mind saying so until someone else tried to make him say he must like… My uncle didn’t like cake at all either so I was a little bit more totally relaxed with him not liking any cake.

What does he like in the way of wine. Red wine/white wine. Get him a bottle and attach a thank you card on it. Or if you know he has a favourite author or style of book buy him that. But find out if your parish is having a collection.


I once got a priest a gift card to get the oil changed in his car.

When I worked at a homeless shelter, every year one priest would bring a whole bunch of watches for us to give the men. He said that every year so many people would give him a watch for Christmas.


Money is probably your best bet. That would allow him to spend it how he wishes. He could give it to charity, put towards buying a much needed new car, help with vacation costs, buy new vestments, or spend it on something for the parish.


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