What priestly vestments do you prefer to see priests wear as Mass celebrants?


What priestly vestments do you personally prefer to see priests wear as Mass celebrants?

  • Fancy classic Gothic chasuble with amice over a lacy alb.
  • Fancy Roman chasuble (think bulletproof vest cut) with amice over a lacy alb.
  • Fancy and full conical chasuble with amice over a lacy alb.
  • Simpler Gothic chasuble over a white alb.
  • Simpler Roman chasuble over a white alb.
  • Simpler conical chasuble over a white alb.
  • Extremely simple chasuble over and extremely simple white or off-white alb.
  • Very simple monastic/mendicant look with muted colors over a simple alb with habit visible.
  • Vivid, avant garde designer patterns and colors on chasuble, white or off-white alb.

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Our pastor is doing a special Mass Friday for the 100th Anniversary of the Last Apparition of Fatima. Another priest gave him a special Chasuble from Fatima Portugal that he will be wearing with an embroidered picture of the Our Lady at Fatima with the children kneeling. It is beautiful.

He does wear the amice and a simple Roman type Chasuble over a white alb.


It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just grateful to have a Priest celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


This site has a WONDERFUL explanation of each piece of “clothing/vestments” and the prayers for each that the priest wears. Very interesting. http://www.ccwatershed.org/blog/2015/jul/5/vesting-prayers-part-1-8/


I like it when the vestments don’t scream “cheap polyester”. :slight_smile: Not that there’s anything wrong with it— but sometimes it looks like the committee went shopping in the discount bin, and I’m more of a “buy the right thing once, and make it last for 20 years” person.

I haven’t seen any of these in person, but someone on the old forum had posted a link to CatholicLiturgicals as being a good place for affordable and attractive vestments. Autom also has a nice selection of affordable options. I’ll probably try and order something like that sometime in the future— my poor, rural parish last went vestment-shopping in the 80’s, if I had to guess. :slight_smile:


I’m with 1ke. I wouldn’t care if the priest were wearing only an ordinary black suit. I’m not at Mass to become a couture critic.



Ohhhhh, that sounds very cool… Good for the priest that gifted him with it…


Thanks for this!


Wow, I sure would – particularly if he wasn’t wearing a stole! Even during grave times of combat, priests don stoles, even if they are the pocket “ribbon” stoles.

Like it or not, everything in the sanctuary adds (or detracts) at some level from the celebration of the Mass. I think attitudes like “I wouldn’t care if the priest were wearing only an ordinary black suit” have served to facilitate some lamentable situations and even irregularities in the Church with respect to the celebration of the Mass.


Are Hawaiian shirts allowed?


Only for Jesuits in warm climates.


The absolute worst vestments are those that are very expensive, yet they look cheap.

Make sure to surf around eBay for your parish. Excellent and very low priced vestments are now imported from Poland and India…


I prefer this:

Image result for latin mass


That would be fancy Roman chasuble with amice over a lacy white alb.


Clown vestments are the best. :clown_face:

I like the traditional vestments but really it’s what available for them to purchase and what they can afford.

I like the traditional Latin vestments I even wish the Pope still wore the Papal Tiara.


I don’t know all the proper names for the garments, so this is interesting. We had a priest staying with our (tallish, slim) parish priest for a while and he used to just wear what was there - he was probably only about 5ft tall, and very rotund, so he never really looked right!


It seems to me that “new age chasubles in unauthorized colors” is rude in itself and serves no purpose other than to provoke.




These are breathtaking.

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