What priestly vestments do you prefer to see priests wear as Mass celebrants?


My favorite Friar only wears Hawaiian shirts…he has heard my confession, and even performed my wife and my convalidation in Hawaiian shirt sans habit…and no stole.


Not to derail…We had moved away from the city when my boys were old enough to serve and was disappointed that it was an alb and cinture. I’m old fashioned and tend to like what I’m used to but no matter.

Just a personal preference, and I know superficial to some. Of course it was much more important that they served Jesus on the altar.

And yet, our boys were blessed to have the influence of our pastor.His vestments were old, his shoes ancient. He gave most of his money to the food pantry and his demeanor very kind. He taught our boys about humbly serving Christ in all things.


I fall into the middle ground, on one side I agree with what some of the posters have said, “it doesn’t matter what the priest wears, I’m here for the Mass”.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the fullness and richness of the tradition that has been handed down through the centuries. So much intricate meaning behind the vestments, very significant in the liturgical life. Even so, when I attend Mass during special times, I’ll try and figure out what the special is (color wise) and get a hanki that matches for that feast … like I’ll wear a purple hanki in my sportcoat pocket during Advent. Red for Pentecost and there’s pink sometime in the spring. Green for ordinary. So much tradition, so much meaning, so rich and beautiful, the reverence and holiness of the liturgy, too awesome.


I meant to click option #3 Roman chasuble, amice, and lacy alb (not #1). Can you make the voting box editable?


It should already be…


Rose colored vestments may be worn on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays.


I tried - but it did not work for me.


I’m sorry to hear that. The stole is the outward sign of the priest’s authority. I don’t know why any priest would skip donning at least a stole while performing a convalidation? Perhaps he only wears stoles at sacrificial liturgies? In any event if I had to go through a convalidation, I would hope the priest was suitably attired/vested.


I like those because I can actually tell it’s a dalamatic. So many dalmatics look like chasubles today. It has caused friction in my parish.


It’s an outward sign but not source of priestly authority. Priestly authority is bestowed by God through the Bishop, not through liturgical garments.

There is no fault in preferring the priest wear a stole, but the stole is not going to make any sacrament the priest administers any less or any more efficacious.

Grace flows from God, not from a piece of cloth…the stole is a sacramental, but it is not the sacrament.


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Is this a serious response Duesenberg? If you believe it is, I will ask a Jesuit Priest this weekend.

If not, please say so.


What an amazing example!


I wonder if they could make rip stop nylon vestments? Tactical vestments for chaplains🤔


Whatever is meaningful to the priest, and reminds him of his sacred office and duties. I’d prefer a Franciscan priest, so a Tau would be nice, but otherwise it doesn’t matter. Honestly, I’d love to see it more common for Christians to wear the tallit, but as it is it would be confused with a priestly vestment. Perhaps our priests could wear something more akin to the Levites, though the breastplate would probably have to be changed.


Clean vestments that, even if the parish is poor, have been well mended.

Aside from that as long as the rubrics are followed it is all good.


We were, of course, there for the Mass. But the way one’s priest looks adds to or detracts from the message being delivered.

Our former priest who passed away 7 months after his retirement looked good in every kind of vestment. I don’t know the official name of the type of vestments he wore each week. But he looked very regal in them especially the weeks he wore green and rose colored vestments.


Priests should always wear a stole when administering the sacraments. Wearing an aloha shirt alone would be inappropriate. Stoles are so important that many priests carry a pocket stole, should they need to hear an impromptu confession and are not near a confessional – where a purple stole is always available. Yes, it does make a difference.

In fact, one has to wonder why any priest would choose not to vest to celebrate the Mass?


That’s all very true. There’s also the issue of what would motivate a priest to celebrate any sacrament not suitably (not “expensively” or “ornately”) vested? Is it a tacit statement of defiance? Are they just not willing to make the modest effort? What’s behind their actions?


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