What Pro-Life songs do you know? Please share!

I wanted to share a song I wrote about 10 years ago. I was a sophomore in high school and did a persuasive speech on the pro-life stance (I blew the pro-Choice POV out of the water naturally be sticking to the facts). After writing the speech I couldn’t get the things I had read out of my head and eventually they turned into this song.

As God would have it I was a substitute teacher at the very school I graduated from 6 years later and found myself in a Senior projects class where Seniors choose a project to do to make a difference their last year in high school. I was helping the students and noticed on was having some trouble. I asked her if she had chosen a topic, she said she had but her teachers wouldn’t help her on it. She wanted to do a pro-life speech for the freshman class. I took about half an hour working with her to help her understand the advantages of approaching the subject from a scientific and developmental perspective and encouraged her to avoid using emotion ploys. Being a psychology major I had a few books I recommended for her as well. I wasn’t in the class again that semester but rather took a long term position in a drama class but God blessed me in a way I never expected. The last day of the semester the girl walked in and thanked me for encouraging her and told me she got an A in the course. This was the one case I accepted a hug from a student and it’s still the thing I remember the most fondly from my two years subbing.

Anyways sorry about the long story, here is the song;

Profit of Death

Please forgive the “glam rock” parts. I’m currently adjusting the song for my new band.

If you have a song or know of one please add it to the list.

I love the one by Dana, “This is My Body”. I found info about her on www.ewtn.com I believe they sell it in their catalouge. Fortunately, the Church I attend sells her c.d.'s also in their little gift shop. She even came there once and performed for us, pretty much her whole family is involved in her work in some way, either playing, setting up sound and equipment, etc…it was beautiful to see a family work together like that, she is a wonderful person.

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