What proof is there from natural law that sex is meant to only be used for the unity of spouses AND procreation?

I only want to keep the arguments within natural law. The evil of contraception is said to be written in our hearts, yet almost the majority of civilization has no clue its even wrong. Wouldn’t it be more obvious?

A common argument against the Catholic position is sex can be used to bring unity and bonding to the spouses. That’s why it was made pleasurable. Procreation is only an option because procreating when one doesn’t have the means to sustain another living human is harmful.

What are arguments, from natural law only, to refute this?

Let me preface this with, I’m not a catholic and I can not speak to Catholicisms laws and ethics…now with that out of the way, we can come at this question with basic philosophy.

Natural law states that all things should achieve their natural end. While sex may be good for unity and pleasure, its first and foremost about reproduction. When one engages into a reproductive act, the result should be procreation.

Contraceptives hinder that natural end. Therefore contraceptives go against natural law.

P1: Sexual intercourse should end in procreation to uphold natural law
P2: contraceptives prohibit procreation via sexual intercourse
C: contraceptives go against the natural law for sexual intercourse

While I do not disagree it could be harmful if one is not financially stable. In almost all cases, if left undisturbed, sexual intercourse will end in procreation. Therefore it’s more logical to assume that the procreation is more natural than the pleasure.

However, it can naturally do both fairly equally.


I second that. All animal species when in the wild (without human interference), have sex and reproduce instinctively.


I have a strong feeling, of late, that the apparent success of contraceptives are not real, those union would not have lead into a new life. Or in others words, unless He decides and He has a plan to raise the new life He don’t let a new life to begin. ( I am aware this is a very traditional belief, but in olden times people kept everything close to heart rather than vocalizing all and any tidbits like what modern people do)

Are you sure about that?
Did you know that all major Western religions condemned contraception until the 1930S? And that selling contraception was illegal in the US until in the 1900s? And that it was Protestant lawmakers who wrote the anti-contraceptive laws?

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I guess that would lead to another topic. Like what about babies who were miscarried without the parents even knowing (happens very often). Or children of rape victims (especially little girls). I was thinking about this some times ago but I forgot. Would probably start a thread if someone hasn’t

Another vote for the historical perspective.

Almost the “majority of civilization” enjoys doing what it wants to do, without the natural repercussions, for less than the last 100 years. If people could eat cake all day long and not get fat; and be slobs and have their house magically stay clean; and drink excessively and not destroy their livers; or show up to work five hours late every day and not get fired— they’d do those things, too. It doesn’t mean cake is healthy, or being a slob is healthy, or drinking to excess is healthy, or being lazy and unreliable is healthy… but most people enjoy being irresponsible and not having to deal with the consequences of their irresponsibility.

Contraceptives and abortifacients have existed in one way or another ever since ancient times, sure. But then again, so did infanticide. Who, exactly, indulged in what varies by time and place and culture.

We’re too nice people to leave our unwanted babies to die of exposure out in the forest. Instead, we do the same things— but we keep our ugly business private, and commercialize it on top of it all.

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