What qualifies as immodesty?

Hi! I was wondering what qualified as immodesty?
First of all, pretty much the only thing I own is skinny jeans, so I was wondering if these were immodest. I wouldn’t say they’re super tight, I’ve definitely seen tighter, but they’re relatively tight.
Second, i’m a dancer! I also like to run and walk in my free time. If I wear leggings for athletic activities, is this immodest? And would the costumes be immodest? These costumes can be really tight, or have short skirts, and sometimes it’s really only a leotard and tights with a piece of fabric attached.
Thanks for answering my questions!

You’ve started three threads about the same issue. This is against forum rules


Dressing With Dignity by Colleen Hammond is an excellent book about modesty:

Gah! Not again!!



For the skinny jeans, I would try to find a longer, thin sweater to cover your midsection.

I think leggings are okay during the athletic activity, perhaps with a longer sweatshirt, but not okay on the bus ride there.

As for the dancing itself, you have little say in the costumes so immodesty comes with the territory. Also vanity, in my humble opinion. That’s because in dance culture, there seems to be a focus on competitive beauty, conforming to a particular type of beauty: thin body, long hair, long nails, lots of make up.

To me, the competition would be worse than the immodesty. Is it true that the girls speak negatively about other girls’ bodies or beauty choices?

You’re entitled to agree or disagree with his statement. And if you never ever felt a desire for a woman based on her physical appearance/proportions, then consider yourself blessed. A lot of young men struggle with lust, and inappropriate looking. Men wolfe-whistling as women walk by (or they used to) as an example. I’m sure you’re aware of lot of people have or had one night stands, casual hookups etc.

There is a difference between looking at a well-muscled young man and thinking “Wow. He must work out a lot at the gym for him to have a physique like that and take extra good care of himself”. Compared to admiring his physical attributes and then becoming aroused which if one is not monitoring their thoughts, can possibly lead to them imagining things. And the same when men view women - it’s not always along the lines of “My, she takes care to present herself in such a neat and tidy fashion” … it’s often along other lines of thinking.

Which again is different to admiring how God created someone and liking the color of their eyes or how tall they are etc. when looking for a spouse. After all it helps in a marriage to be physically attracted to ones spouse.

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