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ok, im doing an essay on the re-unification of the chrisitian church and i am doing interviews with a catholic priest, church of ireland minister and a presbryterian minister,

anyone want to recommend questions for me to ask!

at the minute im going with the old pope, mary, praying for the dead, etc

anyone got a real good one to put to these chruch members that will really stick them?


OOOhhhhh, the possibillities!! :smiley:

Real unification cannot happen without recognition of the Real Presence and Papal Authority. But you could always bring up the subjects of free will, justification, and grace. Those are always big sticking points.




well the essay is only 2.500 so i need to keep it to a minium,

was thinking just questions that divide us, the pope, the virgin mother of god, the 7 missing books they seem to have, things like that

then issues that we have common ground on, lol,

and if u have any iof that you would save me a lot of research time!


If your essay is on the general topic of the "Re-unification of the Chrisitian Church." Then your questions are way too narrow. You seem to be limiting yourself to a discussion of only Doctrinal differences. Ecumenism involves a much broader view.


it is very narrow, because i am only going to look at the big main issues dividing the churchs, its all i can do in such a short essay, i also have to relate it to religious identity,

i mainly want to see if a united chrisitan chruch would help strengten religious identity, and if it is possible for a united chrisitian chruch to come about


Then your essay should be titled “What Doctrinal issues divide Christianity.”


call it what you may!!!

does anyone have a real good question to really put pressure on the ministers or indeed the catholic priest??/



I think on the subject of Eucharist, you could use a question on the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John. Something like, “According to John 6: 48-53, Jesus is the Bread of Life, and if you do not eat of this bread, you shall not have life within you. Could you explain this, as it pertains to your ministry?”

Hope that helps.


How does this verse fits in the theology of your church?
James 5:14-15 *“Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” *

This question covers many topics.
This requires men specially ordained to do the job.
It gets into what we mean by a visible Church.
The priests prayer of faith, through the power of Christ, saves the sick man’s soul.
Through the power of Christ, priests have the power and authority to forgive sins.
(the last two points go together, sins being forgiven is what actually saves the man’s soul)


Ryan :slight_smile:


Ryan has my favorite because it covers an experience my wife reminds me of in our former evangelical church. The “elders” of our ecclesial community were asked to annoint a sick person a few years ago. The elders got together and having never done it asked the following questions:

What oil do we use?
How do we annoint a sick person?
What do we say?

After doing it they swore never to do it again because it made them feel far to uneasy. I’d say that priests are very intimate with us since they deal directly with our frailties…Now take this with a twist in dealing with the Eucharist…bring up the eastern Church to both parties and that will give them both an uneven foot. The eastern rite is so misunderstood. How do we know what the early church christians practiced? What did it look like [the answer is that they looked very much like the eastern Divine Liturgy]. Why did Paul walk around wearing tassles when he was a Christian and why did the early Christians meet in synagogs as if they were still practicing Jews if they were Christians. Katholicos, St. Ignatius, St. Jerome, why did he want to do away with the deuterocanonical books? Why did he shut up. How did we get the bible? What about the KJV version with the “apocrypha” integrated in the pages just like the Catholic bible? Why was the canon of scripture brought to being in the first place [root out heresy of the time]? John 6 and the Eucharist. 2 Thes 2:15 hold fast to the traditions and teachings… Suffering and the Christian 2 Tim 2 something to think about. Heirarchy by comparing Catholicism to the Eastern and Oriental churches and “real” history, not made up. The view of the didache and its implications on Pro Life, just one of many.

Oh my I could go on forever. Tradition vs Man’s tradition is one more.


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