What readings & prayers would have been at Mass on two days in 1962?

Could someone tell me what would have been the readings and prayers at Mass on a couple of days in 1962 (in the United States, if that matters)?

First of all, would the 1962 Missal have been in use yet in March and April of that year? If so, I can look it up myself online. If not, what missal would have been used and how can I find it online? (Or would it have had the same readings and prayers as the 1962 Missal?)

The two dates I am interested in are March 21, 1962 and April 29, 1962.

March 21, 1962, was Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Lent (two weeks after Ash Wednesday.) But it was also the feast of St. Benedict. (I don’t know how precedents worked in the old calendar - am I right in assuming everything would have been taken from Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Lent?)

The other day, April 29, 1962, was the Sunday after Easter (the eighth day of the Octave of Easter.)

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me or direct me to.

God bless!


Hi, John.

There appears to be an online version of the 1962 Missal at this rather interesting site that appears to support priests interested in performing the Extraordinary Form.

I attempted to find a calendar on the site that coincides the specific readings but, given how Easter is calculated, my results were not accurate.

You may be able to use this site to search deeper than I had available time to complete.

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