What recent Popes were converts?

Of the last ten Popes or so, how many of them were not born Roman Catholic (or even Christian) but converted in their lives?

I don’t think any of them were converts, although I have a sneaking suspicion that St Pius X’s father, who wasn’t a native-born Italian, was also a convert - but don’t quote me on that.

I am almost positive that only St. Peter and St. Linus were the only converts, perhaps even the third Pope(forget his name). Someone will probably correct me on this, oh well i like new information

Aw, really? That’s a shame.

St. Anacleatus (or Cleatus), as in “We honor Linus, Cleatus, Clement, …”

Well, the vast majority of Catholics ARE cradle Catholics and not converts. It stands to reason the vast majority of Popes would be cradle Catholics too. :shrug:

Perhaps they should elect a convert to the papacy next time!

Oh right the optional part that we never hear anymore…

They say it in our parish. It is long, and one of our older priests always takes a deep breath before saying all of those names (including the saint our church is named after, which is at the tail end).

Anyway, you could look at a list of popes and read their biographies. I’m not sure which ones were converts, but you might be able to find out in that list.

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