What religion/faith might this be?

A friend recently discovered a new faith. Her family is ‘catholic’. They never really went to mass or knew what the church teaches.
well ive spoken to her a few times and she mentioned she had a gun… (i thought or safety because she lives alone with her son. then she mentioned her boyfriend had a lot of guns. I kinda lughed and asked why. She seemed a little embarrased maybe and said, ‘cause she have to be prepared [for the end of the world]’

she has also mentioned something about saving water and supplies…

what religion/faith might this be? where do they get the gun idea from and how can I help her?

sorry about the mispellings and such. ive got a baby in my arms. :slight_smile:

It is no religion at all. There are many people who want to prepare for some world catastrophe and therefore store food and water, just in case. Then there are some real nut jobs out there. I don’t think it has anything to do with religious beliefs.

Fits the description of someone I knew. She follows no faith. She follows all conspiracy and doomsday theories. Right down the the many guns she owns. Scary, to say the least.

I knew a woman who lived in a bunker type home. Most of it was underground and part of it could only be entered thru a secreted doorway that had a tunnel into a hillside where the rest of her house was. It was a very quiet place. All sounds of the outside world were deadened by quite a few feet of dirt beyond the walls and ceiling. Once you got used to it it was quite cozy, but God forbid the electric failed although she had two generators for such things. Her dad was waiting for the big one to drop and I guess she just had to follow dear ole dad’s example. She was a little quirky but none of these preparations were made for religious reasons, more like trust issues.


It could have something to do with the mormon religion, at least they are supposed to have enough food and water stored to last an entire year.

But more likely it is just survivalist nut jobs. Or people like the SDAs or JWs who expect THE END any second now.

what she is probably referring is better described as a “Prepper.” It is someone who does prepare for severe weather, shortages, and unforeseeable events. I am inclined to be a prepper as I “stock” up each fall because I hate going out during bad weather or storms. some people do get over zealous and spend lots of money on supplies and guns, but I just want to have enough to get me through the winter months if it is a miserable season. I actually urge everyone to have enough food on hand for a short duration. The government is quietly indicating that we be able to take care of ourselves for up to seven weeks. The Mormons are way ahead of the game and prepare for seven…7…years of famine of bad times. Remember Joseph filled the store houses of Egypt to feed his people and the people of the Nile for …7…years. So, there is Biblical precedence for being a prepper. Oh, there is a big difference between a prepper and a survivalist. Just bear in mind that one can go overboard and get carried away. P. S. Come to my house if you get cold and hungry; I will share. Leave your guns at home.

But she got these ideas when she started going to a church. She’s been there a year. She talks about God and Jesus so much and His kingdom and his love and how we are His children.

She did say the end is so near.

If the place she is going is not a Catholic place then the information she is being fed is bogus and a deception to keep her fixated on returning to that particular place. They prey on the weak and easily influenced. This is not her fault but she is the only one who can make the decision to leave such a place. I suggest you read the tracts here at Catholic Answers pertaining to the subject of end times speculations and false prophecies and research the threads on the subject here at the Forums to find answers to her queries and try to talk calmly and soundly to her. Tell her you love her and are concerned about her welfare and do so with the utmost love. If she returns to that place and they catch wind of your conversations with her and they suspect that she is going to leave them, they will tell her to cut off all contact with you. I hope and pray this doesn’t happen. Pray to the Mother of God to place her protective Mantle over her and her family and you in this troubled time and trust Mary to help her come to her senses.


There are some Protestant sects, all relatively young (with less than a century of history) that harp on the Endtimes. I’ve seen a little of that mingle with ‘prepping’ communities, but those who prepare for disasters come in all religious stripes. Some sects are more obsessed with the imminent arrival of the Antichrist and a New World Order than others; the Pentecostal sect I was raised in was a little like that, but lost that flavor completely after 2000 came and went with no obvious global catastrophe.

I can’t speak for others in this situation, however, my daughter is bipolar and finally started living the Catholic faith. Then she read a website about Fatima and I think it might have been by Catholics not in communion with the Pope.

At the same time she met a Facebook friend who is not baptized, was not, nor is really Christian and she started mixing up Fatima and the last days, plus conspiracy theories.

I feel she is now delusional as she feels God speaks to her and the BVM spoke to her and told her she would tell her when to flee. I have tried to reason with her, however her illness has taken over. I am glad she has a strong belief now, but she thinks God tells her everything and then she goes to the web and whatever He supposedly said is confirmed by a conspiracy website which brings into it the fundamentalist religions view of the last days.

My daughter is now afraid that she has done something wrong and will go to hell and believes that we are soon to be invaded by terrorists from different countries and it goes on and on.

I believe that people who are either emotionally unstable, have a mental disability or are ignorant buy into these beliefs.

Of course the world is in bad shape, however the only thing a Christian in the US can do, is trust in the Lord and not worry every minute about what is coming per these websites.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


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