What religion is my co-worker

I have this coworker who fancies herself as very “spiritual” and always corners me in the break room and raises odd topics of discussion. She has mentioned that her parents were Catholic mystics and that she had a bad experience growing up in the catholic church and has left the faith. She says that the church she goes to now is a “bible believing church” and she has some pretty warped views on what certain passages in the bible mean. I grew up as a non-denominational christian and some of the things she talks about do not seem at all christian to me nor have I ever heard any of it discussed in christian circles. I know that I really shouldn’t even concern myself but I am just really curious what religion this would be considered and if anyone else has ever heard of any of these beliefs. Some of the things she talks about are:

*Praying on dead people and raising the dead
*Time travel (she claims it is in the bible)
*Jumping into other peoples dreams and interpreting what that person was dreaming about
*vibrational frequency/ auras
*healing people with oils
*She seems to also incorporate a lot of Jewish traditions into her beliefs.

Is anyone familiar with any of this or have any idea what religion this could be or what it is most similar to? She calls herself Christian, doesn’t like the word “religion” and claims that her beliefs are bible based. However as I’ve said earlier I have never been to a church that has talked about any of these topics.

Also can someone please explain to me Catholic mysticism? I am not very familiar with what that is.

New Age Mish-Mash with a spoonful of Christianity added for good measure.

I think people are just borrowing certain aspects of other religions and philosophies that they find agreeable and calling it their spirituality. I used to do that. I wanted something convenient to believe in that didn’t interfere with my life style. Picking up the cross and following Jesus isn’t always convenient and it will definitely interfere with your life style especially if you’re a party animal like I used to be. I wouldn’t condemn someone for it; at least they know there’s a spiritual core at their center. I just think when life happens and certain values are put to the acid test they will find their faith lacking. At least that’s what happened to me. My beliefs felt shallow, empty, and meaningless when I was in the pits of depression and couldn’t find my way out. Just be a witness and don’t get pulled into their new age mumbo jumbo, someday this coworker may need you.

Yeah, this is New Age mixed with semi-Christian beliefs. Regardless, though, the Catholic Church actually has a very deep tradition of mysticism, with many saints who were mystics, such as St. John of the Cross. Read some of their writings to understand Catholic mysticism more, because mysticism is often quite hard to explain.

It COULD be some off, off, off-shoot Pentecostal church somewhere. Some of them are kinda weird.

That “religion” sounds like a lot of new-age **** meant to fool ignorant people into giving a lot of money to this charlatan.

As for Catholic mystics, my personal favorite is St. John of the Cross.

Perhaps you have heard St. John’s poem The Dark Night of the Soul put to music by Loreena McKennitt. If not, check it out on iTunes or YouTube. It is incredibly beautiful. It will give you a brief glimpse into Catholic mysticism.

God love you,

I doubt it. It looks like New Age eclecticism, readily concocted from books, internet sites, seminars, and fluffy-headed friends.

It’s a grass roots movement called Christo-Paganism (Google that for fun! :smiley: ) It’s not just cafeteria Christianity, it’s a bufet belief system.

I know someone who is into all that except for the time travel (which I don’t know and I’m not going to open that can of worms). They’ve gone to non-denominational churches (“community church”) but have since broken away and now belong to a home church comprised of 8 people. They believe a lot of word of faith things with a little Pentecostal/charismatic in the mix. This acquaintance went to the Lakeland Revival where laminated dream interpretation cards, among other things were being sold. The departure from the community church followed the Lakeland revival but I’m not really sure what leaving was really about. IIRC even the non-denominational church believed in praying someone back from the dead. For awhile, it was one of the largest congregations where I live, and even had (have?) a bible college.

hi, i thought that i would express something as i see that you have interest in conversion to the catholic faith;

not for sure if a google search will reveal the best sources for Saint Theresa of lisieux; she a favorite saint of many/ and not for sure of the application of mystic, she is incorrupt, her body does not decay/ she is called a doctor of the church/ perhaps the given the status of the last doctor of the church…to digress: she had completed a journal, as " A Story of Soul."
and indeed what a soul! that many today can relate…she would emphasize suffering and joy of God; perhaps if this is a mystic saint, for further investigation-Her life does not compare to new age…as to ‘find self’ is the new age language, perhaps wearing a mask-that cannot face suffering…

Why don’t you just ask your co-worker? But based off your words I’d guess she’s some form of a New Ager

Christian Kabbalah

It would have to be really, really off-shoot Pentecostal (I hate to admit it, but they are out there). Most Pentecostals believe it’s possible that the dead could be raised, but it’s something that is seen as an extraordinary miracle from God. Pentecostals also use anointing oil while praying for healing, but we don’t believe that there is any healing virtue in the oil itself.

Not sure where time travel is in the Bible (unless they’re referring to prophecy and visions, which would not be time travel). My dad once talked about watching on Christian TV where people claimed to know of a man who could be in two places at once. But my Dad always associated stuff like that (including UFO sightings) to demonic activity/deception.

I’ve heard Christians (Pentecostal and not) claim that they could “sense” the presence of a demonic force in a person. But the vibrational frequency/auras and jumping into other people’s dreams sounds occultic, and I’d imagine most Pentecostals would start pleading the blood over anyone who was into that stuff.

It’s always possible that she’s drawing on a variety of Christian ideas mixed with pagan/Eastern mystical and New Age concepts.

It’s funny that a lot of you are saying pagan as this woman is extemely anti-catholic and is convinced that catholics practice paganism. She also refers to “New Age” in a negative connotation. I thought she was a new ager myself. I think she is just deceived into thinking all of the stuff is in the bible and that she is really christian. This is why I have always had problems with sola scriptura but that is another discussion for another time. I feel bad saying this but I do not think she is mentally stable. Please pray for her.

I think there may be many American Christians who don’t realize how close to New Age beliefs their own conception of Christianity comes. A lot of it is unconscious absorption of “popular religion” that people get just by watching TV or listening to music, etc.

Personally, as a Catholic, I too am very interested in vibrational frequencies. Once, for a school project I made a Helmholtz resonator (i used coke bottles). All I got were weird looks from the other kids, and a passing grade from the teacher. I am actually interested in the application of these principles in Catholic worship.

I find it a little bit interesting too. I know it is scientific and would be curious to learn about it more, I just think that some people take it too far. She talks about ingesting certain essential oils to give her a higher frequency and not listening to music that exceeds a certain number of hertz. I guess what I don’t understand about it is if making your frequency higher puts you at a higher spiritual level and you are getting there from oils, sounds, etc isn’t that a distraction? I mean I’m sure the oils are very good for you but how much time and energy should you put into studying these things and how much should be incorporated into catholicism/christianity without taking it too far or getting off track?

At the place where I work there is a buddha statue in the front for decor. One day she had put some oil in a vaporizer and said the oil was getting rid of evil spirits from the statue, that demons hate the “biblical oils” because they were used by God. Is there any truth to any of this? I know that God can use angels, people, objects to help do his work but this just sounds wholly pagan to me.

Does your co worker prefer the A=432 hertz concert pitch, perchance? That would be in opposition to the A=440 hertz that is now considered “standard”.

I think so, I’m not really sure what any of that means though.

Definitely, Kabbalah.

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