What religions follow the Catholic bible in the USA?

What religions follow the Catholic bible in the USA? Are there any other religions in America that follow the bible that has the apocryphal in it? Can someone name the religions?

You mean what are sometimes called the deuterocannonical books? Some Christian groups have more books in than the Catholic Church, those would include the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox who have books in their canon we do not.

Sometimes I use a Catholic bible, sometimes I don’t. I really don’t see much difference between them and Protestant bibles unless I’m reading the Deuterocanonical books (which much Protestant bibles don’t include… but some do).

I noticed that some of the orthodox bibles have different books, one of the books is called, “Bel and the dragon". Where would I buy this book?

I own and read from a catholic bible. I like having the deuteros in there.

Well Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox use the complete bible. So do Episcopalians/Anglicans, in fact the DC books are a part of the Episcopal lectionary and read at Mass and the Office.

I believe that many Lutherans read the complete bible as well.

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I believe the Ethiopian Orthodox have the largest Bible canon of any Christian group, but I am not sure how many members of that Church are in the USA.

All I know is that they have a parish in Los Angeles.

In the Catholic Bible, The Story of Susanna and The Story of Bel and the Dragon are the final two chapters of the Book of Daniel. These sections were in the Septuagint version of Daniel (the Greek translation used in the time of Jesus) but not in the Masoretic text. The stories are great.

In Susanna, a woman is falsely accused of adultery. Daniel acts as her attorney of sorts and breaks down the two false witnesses Perry Mason-style.

Both Bel and The Dragon are idols worshipped by the king of Babylon. In each story, Daniel proves to the king that the idol is not a living god, but just a creation of men. The way he does it is different in each case, and both very clever.

I have linked each story. Enjoy.


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