What Religions have you attended or belonged to, in your lifetime?

Can you name in order, what Religions you attended, or were a member of ?

I started out in the Congregational Church in New England when I was quite young. (1960’s)

When the family moved we became **Presbyterians **for a couple years, then missionarys came to our door, then I became Mormon in 1971.

In the 1990’s I attended the Singles LDS ward, then they kicked everybody out that was over 30 years of age.

In the late 1990’s I became RLDS (COC), then they closed down that chapel, after I been a member for awhile. (lack of members, and lack of funds)

I investigated the Catholic church for awhile, even attending RCIA, then they closed that parish after awhile. ( Lack of members, and lack of funds.)

Now I am nowhere, but still attend my sister’s LDS ward occationally.

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To the OP:

I’ve always been Catholic (37 years). Will be Catholic for __ more years. “You know not the hour …” :smiley:

Catholic, Agnostic, and now Episcopalian/Anglican. I had been contemplating Judaism during my agnostic period.

Attended or belonged to:

Assemblies of God
Siddha Yoga
Catholic Church
Tibetan Buddhism
Theravada Buddhism
Vaishnava (esp. Hare Krishna)
Orthodox Church

Plan to belong or attend:

Jehovah’s Witnesses
Nestorian Church
Coptic Church

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As for me, I’ve been Catholic all of my years and will remain Catholic for the rest of my years.

Born to agnostics.
As a small, small child: exposed to Hare Krishnas and many other religious groups.
By second grade: atheist family; no talking religion allowed, even to ask why people believe what they do.
Middle school: exposed to New Age beliefs in school, at grocery store, around the streets etc. Not allowed to express such interests at home. Got into paganism, Eastern religion amalgamations. Went back to atheism out of fear of strange occurrences, wish to please elders.
Late teens, early 20’s: experimenting. Vaccilated. New Age, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, neopagan, Reconstructionist Pagan (Celtic, Teutonic/Wiccan, Egyptian, Babylonoan, Sumerian, Native American, West African elements).
Late 20’s: Vaccilated. Christianiy intrigued me but so did Reconstructionist Celtic paganism, and atheism was the old standard party line doctrine I had known all my life.
Early 30’s: Decided the evidence was overwhelmingly in favor of Christianity and got terrified. Becmae a Christian. First no church, little exposure to other Christians, then joined Evangelical Friends (who kept the beliefs of Fox’s original Religious Society of Friends and the name of the movemet but had begun meeting in chrches, ordaining clergy and haivng preaching and singing a long time ago; not the same as Liberal/Unprogrammed Friends ((FGC)), who let most of the teachings go in order to preserve the form of early meetings). Dissatisfied by lack of public activity, lack of sacraments, lack of adequate Bible study in my meeting, went Pentecostal.
now: Disappointed by lack of evidence for specifically Pentecostal doctrine, irritated by abusive trends in some Pentecostal congregations, seeking more truth, joined RCIA after powerful experiences and evidence in 2007; CA and CAF a central part of that process, it started when I landed on CA home page accidentally; Neophyte Catholic and not going anywhere. This is where it’s at!:yyeess: :heart: :highprayer:

As a young child my parents sent us to Vacation Bible School at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, as I got older my family attended the Church of the Nazarene. At 19 I was "convinced"and joined the Society of Friends…I have been a Friend ever since…I’m 54.

I forgot to mention that I was attending the Lutheran Church right by my house, it is LCMS, but have not been there in a few weeks. Lots of members there, so no chance that one would close on me, like the other chapels did. This Lutheran church also requires attending their RCIA before becoming a member.

I was baptized Roman Catholic as a babe. When my parents divorced at the tender age of 4, I attended Episcopal church with my mother until age 8. At that time my mother remarried an Italian Catholic. I made my first Holy Communion on Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass at that time. Attended Catholic grade school and high school. I have taught CCD, sung in the choir, was the cantor, or Eucharistic minister at various stages of my Catholic years.

As a child I did attend Hebrew school with my best friends. The rabbi loved me and I loved learning about their faith ~ my roots. I have also participated in Lutheran services as an adult but just couldn’t get over the whole lack of continuity with the prep for Communion. I was dating someone who had Lutheran ties but was never baptized.

Catholic through and through!! From cradle to grave and beyond!:thumbsup:

Raised Catholic.
In college attended non-denominational church services.
After college returned to Catholic church.
Recently began attending United Methodist Church.

Episcopalian to Agnostic/Panentheist to Episcopalian to Catholic

Parents are still both Presbyterian, and I attended a Presbyterian church since I was a babe in my mother’s womb. I was baptized into the Church when I was 3 weeks old, was educated in the faith and was confirmed into the Presbyterian church when I was 11. Around the age of 15, I started asking questions about why certain things were the way the were, and wasn’t satisfied with the answer (I was told to take EVERYTHING on faith, but I knew that couldn’t be right, because I am human and I have found that my “faithful” assumptions have been totally wrong, and will probably still be wrong in the future, but I’m trying). During this time, I started attending all kinds of denominations, from Non-Denominational to Southern Baptist, Methodist, Weslyan, a couple of Lutheran and Anglican churches thrown in there. It wasn’t until I attended my first Mass and started having the questions that I have always asked answered that I felt at “home” so to speak. I’m not saying that I wasn’t welcomed greatly in the other denominations, but I still felt very much like a visitor even when I went back several times. The first time I experienced the Liturgy and the Divine Presence I knew where I belonged, although it took me another 3 years after that to fully cross the Tiber.

Still catch myself saying Debts instead of Trespasses from time to time, though. :blush: :rolleyes:

God Bless!

Raised Presbyterian, lost connections to that church starting at around 13, was completely out by 15…wondered around for almost 10 years, back and forth from agnosticism to some sort of nominal Christianity (in personal belief only; was vehemently anti-church for a while, thanks to bad past experiences), until around the age of 22 when I started thinking more seriously about finding some guidance in life. With the encouragement of a friend of mine, I went to my first Catholic mass c.2002, thought it was weird but kept going anyway…hmm…I wonder what that was all about! :wink: Now I can’t think of why I didn’t do it sooner, as I had plenty of exposure to Catholic lifestyles growing up in a mixed latino/anglo town and family. I guess we only think of things as obvious coincidence once we have enough distance from our own pasts to see connections in what at the time seem like random events. :shrug: All I know is that I have a group of orphans (by now all young adults, probably not much younger than me) in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to thank for my eventual conversion, in addition to dozens of other people I’ll likewise never see again, much less be able to personally thank. Who could have seen it coming? Well…I know who did, praise be unto Him! :gopray:

Existence is so mystifying and great…good thread. Thanks.

I was raised in the United Church of Canada, and attended that church (one congregation for my whole life) every Sunday, until I became Catholic at the age of 39, about a month before my 40th birthday.

But I “dabbled” in several things, and in addition to going to my regular church, I also went other places on Sundays, too - Plymouth Brethren when I was in college, Urantia, when I was a teenager (my mother was into that, and she brought me to the meetings with her) and I read the Qu’ran when I was 18, and was thinking for a very short while about becoming a Muslim.

My best friend growing up went to the Baptist Church and I often attended Sunday School with him at his church before going off to our United Church right after that.

Long story short - Born Brahmin (Arya Samaj), then became Atheist (after dad passed away), then tried contemplating on the existence of a Higher Being, dabbled in the occult (but never seriously) and then decided on my search for God at age 19.

I was led into the Church by the Holy Spirit. I church-hopped (mainly Protestant and Orthodox churches) for a while, to make sure i was doing the right thing. I didn’t want to get a “tattoo” i’d regret later (metaphorically speaking of course). I also studied Islam and re-visited Brahminism, the Bahai faith, Buddhism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism - all this while i was undergoing RCIA. It pays to study, but it also pays to Believe and put your Trust in Him. When the time came, i knew it was truly Him that led me to His Church. I never regretted it and today, i have a beautiful wife (also converted to Catholicism from United Methodism) and a 2 year old son who also got baptized recently (shortly after my wife’s baptism). This will be our first Christmas as a complete, Catholic family. :slight_smile:

Well I was “born into” a Southern Baptist family going back many generations. I stopped going to Church at the age of 15. Later in my twenties visited alot of Churches, Methodist, Church of God etc. then a female friend invited me to Mass, I was baptized and confirmed Easter Vigil '93.



Nothing official for me growing up but a strong love for God and Jesus.(My mom had been raised in a no-named home based church and raised us with that churches basic beliefs). At 26 my daughter and I were baptised in the Lutheran Church(on Dec. 8 no less:p ) . That was after reading alot about different religions.I knew two things at that time…I didnt want to be my moms religion and I didnt want to be Catholic. I had it down to the Quakers or Lutheran…yea, dont ask me how that happened. Then about 10 yrs later my Blessed Mother had bothered me enough to get me to say OK, enough is enough!!! I’ll become Catholic. And what an incredible ride its been!!! Best decision of my life!!


Born and Baptized United Methodist
From there to Agnostic
From there to Wicca
from there to Agnostic/Deist
from there back to Methodist
from there to Southern Baptist
from there back to Methodist
Somehow then God turned the light on for me.
Now in RCIA to become Catholic

Raised CINO (Catholic In Name Only), became interested in fundamental Christianity in grad school, then reverted to practicing my Catholic faith fully, then later converted to the Orthodox Church, now reverting to Catholicism (Byzantine Rite).

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