What religious order is this?


Here is a utube video…does anyone know what order this is?



They are Franciscans.

They are from a community called the Toca de Assis, a Brazilian community that helps the poor. :slight_smile:

If you look up information on them, you might find it written in Portuguese like I did. My Portuguese isn’t too good, so I had to translate it to English, but It is interesting to read about their community, and what they do.

It’s a lovely video. Thanks for sharing.


Read in the Comments area below it. There is a explanation of who they are! Thank you for posting and bring this wonderful community to our attention! :slight_smile:


One of my favorites. :slight_smile: Here it is with only the lyrics of the Adoro Te Devote, in both Latin and Portuguese.


[LEFT]The community of Toca de Assis in Brazil was founded by Father Roberto Lettieri. There are several videos of him (in Portuguese) on youtube:



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