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As you can see from my username i combined Ukranian Catholic with Roman Catholic because i am conflicted about which one to join.I have both types of parishes where i live.I attended a Roman church for 4 years but i found it to be too italian and the people to be rude.Then the only natural choice was for me to attend was the church in the east end of town it is were my great grandmother was married and raised her kids some even still attend. However it is far too go but i could not imagine going anywhere else the people are friendly .Then i decided to attend a Ukranian parish i attend on Saturdays when it is in English.However it is not so traditional they have an Organ and no icon screen.When i first walked in a lady sat down beside me and showed me how to follow along.And i received tickets to church events.However some Ladies do not even want to speak to me.The two other Uk parishes in town are going to be closing and then its only mine thats left.But even so with the 9/10 familys with young kids will not be able to support it when the older people are no longer their.Also, what happens if the next priest they get has a real Ukranian accent.I wont be able to understand him, just like the one that filled in last sunday and saturday.Finaly our city has a diocese in it so, to say the least its a very Roman Catholic town.We even get their newspaper once a month same as RC people do.Which would you choose to join.I cannot decide.Help me!! please please respond.


I'm not able to understand your statement that you found the Roman Church to be too Italian. Are there a lot of Italian people there? Most Roman Catholic churches have people of various ethnic backgrounds. As for not being able to understand some UK priests, you may find that even in the Roman church there may be priests from other countries and they may very well speak with an accent. Which church were you brought up in? Have you talked to a priest about your problem? You need guidance and it may help you to find a priest you are comfortable with and have a good, honest conversation with him. In my parish we have a foreign-born priest who speaks with an accent but that's part of his charm.

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