What Rite Would I Be?


I was baptized by a charismatic Catholic priest in a hospital and both my parents are Latin Catholics. I intend to join the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in my area and receive first communion and confirmation there. I never received these sacrements in the Latin church and am over 14. Would I be able to do this? Would this make me Eastern Catholic? Thanks.


Latin Catholic, since enrollment is based upon the age of baptism and for those under 14, the Church sui iuris of the Catholic parents in agreement, or merely the Catholic Father. You could petition for a change of sui iuris church. The bishops would have to approve a transfer, and the Ukrainian Catholic Church may have requirements of regular participation for a period of time before considering a transfer. Receiving sacraments in another sui iuris Church does not change the enrollment.


It sounds like you would be registered as a Latin Catholic. Speak with the Eastern Catholic pastor to see what the requirements would be to receive the sacraments from that parish.


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