What Roman Missal do I have?

Good evening all,

This evening I was browsing a nearby used book store and spotted a used altar missal sitting on the self.

The missal itself is red in color measuring approximately 7x11. The prayers for the Mass are printed in Latin, while the readings and the ordinary are printed in English. For those prayers in Latin, there is no side-by-side English translation. Additionally, all rubrics are printed in Latin.

I would assume that this is an interim missal as the Imprimatur was given by Cardinal Francis Spellmen, Archbishop of New York, on September 21, 1964.


Yes. That is the one. My parochial vicar gave me his. In fact, if you leaf through it, you might want to do a comparison/contrast with the new translation, insofar as the Credo and the Gloria are concerned, and even the Sanctus. You might find a few edifying things! :thumbsup: We did, when we did the side-by-side.

Thanks Benedictgal. I saw it on the shelf and thought it was quite an interesting find. I’ve been leafing through it off and on. Most of the instructions in the first few pages or so are in Latin, so it’s slowing me down a little bit, but I’m learning.

One thing that is interesting though, is that the new translation of the Roman Canon is inserted in English, without the acclamaints (i.e. “Christ has died…”) but there is also the traditional Roman Canon in Latin.

There’s also other various rituals and rites such as confession and confirmation in Latin near the back of the book.

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