What’s a good Rosary site that sells Rosaries? Also, what is a good prayer book to develop a better relationship with Jesus Christ?

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The first question is about buying a rosary from a trusted site that honors the Holy Mother. I have a rosary and I frequently pray the rosary but I want something special. I just found out I could buy a rosary from Walmart and amazon but I wouldn’t feel right about that.

Second, I’m looking for a prayer book specifically honoring Jesus Christ. I pray Divine Office or Liturgy of the hours, but I want a prayer book or devotional devoted to Jesus Christ.

Currently, I go to God or the Holy Mother with my prayers. I also use the Daily Bread Ministries app as a daily devotional. It is ecumenical but focuses on the son. Today’s reading was about to confession. So It doesn’t exclude Catholics.

So, I feel I need to build my relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to this with prayer and meditations. So, if anyone has suggestion please share.

There are many good Rosary sellers, including Cordbands.com if you want a very durable rosary. If you specifically want to support a place that honors Mary, I would suggest browsing the online, or even in-person, gift shops at Marian shrines. Some that are online in the US include the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception ( nationalshrineshops.com ) and the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia (https://cammonline.org/shop/).

As for a prayer book about Jesus, there are a lot of Jesus prayer books focusing on his Passion. Also some that are written like he is speaking to you. The National Shrine shop has some nice Jesus-focused books.

You pray the Liturgy of the Hours and yet look for something devoted to Jesus Christ?

Do you not realize that the Liturgy of the Hours, outside of the Mass, is the prayer most devoted to Jesus Christ because it is his prayer you pray, and his voice you join, and with his body that you pray?

You can look all over, but you already have it.

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The Vatican Gift Shop has a large selection of rosaries (in all price ranges). If you wish, they will have your rosary blessed by the Pope after purchase.

I have been very happy with purchases that I have made from them.

Etsy is a fun place to look as well. There is a huge variety of styles offered for sale on that platform too - though you would need to get it blessed after purchase.

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Seek out your local Catholic goods store first. They are becoming rare as unicorns and need our support!!

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This book is EXCELLENT!

Thank you TheLittleLady this is exactly what I’m looking for, feels just right for what I need. Bookmarked and purchased. Thank you and blessings.

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Thanks for the comment, I use this site to pray Divine Office:


I pray the Morning, Evening and Night Prayer. But in my heart and based on all the prayers, I feel like I am praying with the Father. Someone else suggested a nice book and I think it’s perfect for what I need.

If anyone has any more suggestions on books, please do post.

Perfect, beautiful sites. I bookmarked all of them and will look for something special that focuses on where I am now as a Catholic Pilgrim and what will best help me in the future in praying the Rosary. Thanks a lot. Huge blessings.

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Read the General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, especially the beginning of the document. In short, you are praying to the Father (and of course the Holy Trinity), but because it’s the prayer of the Church, you are praying with the voice of Christ as he, as eternal High Priest, offers continual prayer to the Father. There is a rich theology on the Liturgy of the Hours and its relationship to Christ, the Trinity, and the Church.

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