What’s more believable?

  • Trump colluded with Russia.
  • Epstein’s death was assisted

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Didn’t Barr’s father hire Epstein as a teacher at an elite academy despite Epstein not having a college degree? Hmm, what a coincidence.

Alex Jones? is that you?


I have never heard that.

Do you have a source?

No, Alex Jones makes up stuff like saying there were no kids murdered at Sandy Hook and their parents are actors to cause a lot of pain to people while pretending to be a patriot. What I stated was a fact.

Not without citing a source.

I am amazed you didn’t hear that. Where do you get your news?


There aren’t a lack of other sources. This was the first one that came up on Google.


Patience is a virtue. See above.

This is well-known. Here’s another source:

Another potential conflict for Barr, although he did not mention it to reporters, is that his father once hired a then-20-year-old Epstein to teach calculus and physics when he was headmaster of the Dalton School, the Daily Mail reported.

Barr recused himself from the case for other reasons.

His dad hired him was 46 years ago!!! He was 20 years old!!!

This is humorous!!! Please keep it up!!!

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I have to edit… 46 years ago. Epstein was 66 when he passed away.

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Keep what up? I thought it is interesting that Epstein committed ‘suicide’ in a federal facility under an attorney general whose father had hired Epstein as a math teacher without a degree at an elite academy. It is quite the coincidence.

No. 46 years ago!!! Seriously your stretching.

Adolf Hitler was an altar boy in his youth. Does that mean anything?

Stretching for what? Again, I found it interesting. It doesn’t mean that AG Barr’s father was a pedophile and that AG Barr was covering up his father’s illegal behavior by Epstein’s ‘suicide’ or anything nefarious. It’s just interesting.

It sounds like Epstein was a bit of a math genius, I expect given the era it wasn’t inappropriate to allow him to teach math. Certification has come a long way in 40 yrs.

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Yes, probably nothing nefarious there. Of course, being a mathematical genius doesn’t necessarily have much to do with being a good teacher…speaking from experience.

Given that he knew math and appeared to have good social communication skills (wasn’t an introverted nerd), he was probably a far better choice than throwing in an available PE teacher, or your average substitute teacher…speaking from experience.

He taught calculus and physics at the prestigious Dalton School, a prep school in Manhattan, from 1973 to 1975,… recruiting and abusing dozens of underage girls at his mansions in New York and Palm Beach, Florida, in the early 2000s.

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