What’s on the Menu this year? 🦃

If you do it, take a pic and post it!


I will take a picture if I end up trying that!


Smoked Turkey, spiral sliced ham, rice dressing, old fashioned green beans-potatoes-bacon, sweet potato Casserole with pecan topping, homemade rolls, sweets.


Butterball turkey breast for two and all the classic sides plus pumpkin pie.


I have about five different recipes for leftover turkey. Usually only two or three are needed to use it up. It’s the leftover stuffing I struggle with. I’ve tried a few casserole types but nothing knocked our socks off. The rest of the leftovers just get reheated as is. Whatever isn’t gone in three days is pitched as usually, we are just sick of eating it by then!

I also send “meals” home with the kids for their next day eats.

Oh, and leftover ham …I have so many recipes for that, it’s never a problem.

Press the stuffing into a pie pan like a “crust” and fill it with turkey, gravy and vegetables. Top with mashed potatoes and bake it! :yum:


My brother-in-law likes to make a sandwich of the leftover stuffing between two slices of white bread… essentially a bread sandwich!

This year due to COVID-19 no traveling or big gatherings. It will be only the three of us so I decided to spoil myself and order a mini pre made fancy dinner. :sunglasses:


We are having 6 my kids and Girlfriend! So because we put the main tree up maybe ill feed them.

So to begin italian cold cuts,procuitto mortadella and provolone. Then half the tree.
Then shrimp cocktail–branches

Then a a break before stuffed shells.
Then lights.

Then turkey stuffing cranberrysauce sweet potatoes mashed gravy and green beans.
And turkey
Then ornaments

Then Italian rum cake cannoli and lobster claws.

Yeah its done!!

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We’re Italian…
When my son (who has his own kindergartener) came home from kindergarten he exclaimed:
"Do you know what Americans have with their turkey??? POTATOES!!!
We tell that story every year :slight_smile:
With a delicious, never dry turkey (brown it on high heat then bake it at low heat, use a thermometer), there is always antipasto, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, bread and salad last. Fruit and desserts follow dishwashing, a walk or nap or football game watching.
Sometimes we trim the tree if it’s up. Many hands make light work.
For smaller tables, a turkey breast or a boneless turkey breast are wonderful.
With the whole turkey or bone in breast, you can make soup the next day.
We have also smoked turkey breast for something different. My sil, who doesn’t like turkey, will eat this.


Oh boy, I am actually the only person in US who loves turkey more than chicken?!?



“Leftover” stuffing? What’s that?! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll be making the usual stuff, plus my mom’s sauerkraut (high quality sauerkraut rinsed well, with sauteed onions, carrots, and barley).
All in a nut-free, egg-free, peanut-free interpretation!

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No, you’re one of two. I also prefer turkey to chicken.


Not making anything and not going anywhere. Got a Marie Callender frozen turkey dinner and some pecan pie and that’s it.


The same but dessert will be rum cake and italian pasteries!!!

Putting together a Thanksgiving meal is a challenge when you live in France but not in Paris. In Paris you’ll find everything you need (but it will cost you :money_with_wings:). Outside Paris, there will be at least one thing you can’t find so you’ll have to be creative.

With everything going on this year, I’ve had to compromise on more than usual. :disappointed:

Since it’s just the two of us and the other one doesn’t get the point of Thanksgiving leftovers, I just prepare what we’ll eat on the day. It’s generally not possible to find whole turkeys here until the second week of December anyway, when people start buying them in anticipation of Christmas dinner. So we usually opt for a turkey leg quarter, but I couldn’t find one this year (weird) and got a boneless skinless breast roast instead. …I’m going to get complaints. I’ve accepted that.

Garlic and thyme stuffing from a boxed mix I bought in the UK last Christmas. Or was it the Christmas before…? :thinking:

Since the turkey is skinless, I’ll probably have to make the gravy from instant granules (also bought in the UK).

Mashed potatoes from scratch will make an appearance, but sweet potatoes will not. I like them but he doesn’t so we’ll pass on those like we do every year.

He likes green bean casserole and I appreciate it being easy to put together, so we’ll have that.

Cranberry sauce is just non-existent here. You can buy the canned stuff from various importers but they charge an arm and a leg. You used to be able to get fresh cranberries in higher-end supermarkets and thus make your own, but they weren’t cheap and I haven’t seen those for a few years now. Instead, I’m using lingonberry preserves from IKEA. Close enough. :grinning:

I will not be baking a pie this year. The Husband turned his nose up at last year’s pie, which required a trip to the UK to buy some of the ingredients and hours to make, so fine—I’ll just buy something from the bakery instead. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :slightly_smiling_face: :turkey:

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Happy Thanksgiving, @UpUpAndAway! It always sounds like you make the best of the holidays even though they are “foreign” to your husband. Come on over on Friday, I will save you some sweet potatoes! :wink: And there will most likely be plenty of pie as well!

Is that Governor Cuomo at the bottom?

Being married to an American gal, when the kids were young they could always count on getting the U.S. Thanksgiving off. They were all home-schooled until 6th grade but this tradition carried on right through high school. I’d come home from work to the smell of roasting turkey, fresh buns, pumpkin pie, and with the promise of seeing my beloved Dallas Cowboys on tv. The kids would be playing games on the dining room table with the 4 cats keeping watch over everything.

By the time they were older, done school, and my wife had started working again, things changed a bit and we’d move the Thanksgiving meal to the weekend. Nowadays it is very casual and I’m making enough beef stew to last both tonight and tomorrow. Once we’re both retired I suspect we’ll want to return to the old tradition, but with a chicken instead of the turkey. After a week of leftovers I’m ready to quite poultry altogether.

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I was wondering if you were going to celebrate, @CelticWarlord! Thanks for answering my question before I asked it!

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