What’s on your bumper?


Wondering what type of bumper stickers we have on our bumpers.

Here are mine:


Does rust count?


I do not do bumper stickers…there is however a Snoopy sticker on my rear window…

I just am not a tailgate proselytizer…but I do enjoy reading others when I am stuck in traffic…


I have a rosary decal in the shape of an unborn baby, and until recently a growling bear holding a pineapple (bear fruit), but the magnet was too weak and it fell off somewhere unknown or perhaps was taken by someone who enjoyed it.


Right? It’s the traffic version of being stuck in the bathroom reading a shampoo bottle.



I have to confess, in my younger days I did have a car covered in Grateful Dead, VW fahrvergnügen and plenty of campsite and outdoor gear stickers


I don’t have a car, so nothing. If I did, I might have a bumper sticker for the local Catholic station, but that’s about it.


Perot in ‘92


I never use bumper stickers.



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