What’s the purpose of our planet?

Shall we get rid of humans in order to save the planet?


“We’re so self-important, so self-important. Everyone has to save something nowadays. Save the trees! Save the bees! Save the whales! Save those snails! And the greatest arrogance of all - Save the Planet! What? ARe these people kidding me? We haven’t even learned how to care for ourselves yet. We haven’t even learned how to love one another but we’re going to Save the planet? Compared to us? The planet is doing great! Its been here 4.5 billion years, its been through all kinds of things worse than us, earthquakes, meteorites, continental drifts, the magnetic reversal of the poles, hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and meteorites, world wide floods, world wide ice ages…and we think some aluminum cans and plastic bags are going to make a difference? Folks…folks…the Planet isn’t going anywhere! We are! Pack your stuff, folks. We’re going away.”

-George Carlin


That’s a very negative thought ? (Rid of Humans)

But did make me chuckle .

God created all the universe which includes Earth giving dominion over it to humans. This means we have a duty to protect and defend all of creation. But that also means human life is more sacred (because it is in the image and likeness of God) than the Earth itself

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This is basically an argument for nihilism. Saving the environment is saving ourselves.

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I think you nailed it, but I can see that this thead will turn, nevertheless, in the usual anti-ecologist bash, so common in CAF.

No its an argument for humility. Thinking one can save the planet is textbook narcissism.


Nope. Changing what we do that does harm is wisdom, not narcissism

No, the assertion was “saving the environment”

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Actually the sun will destroy our planet in several billion years from now along with all life on it.
For the human race to survive we have to get off this planet and colonise elsewhere.

This is all up to God. Of course the human race will survive, we are eternal.

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People need a cause, especially young people. In the past they had wars to fight. Now there’s nothing like that so they have climate change. Save the planet from the previous generation.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m willing to bet the frenzy about climate change will have abated.

That s really good questions i even asked my self that consantly why am i here what s my purpose of life etc i constantly ask my self such questions but i am shure now since i readed bible how our purpose on this planet is to love one another and help each other

today so called pantheistic belief on man made climate changed turned human into something as beliving its someone above our lord thinking it can changed whole planet but cant change it self now i wonder how can human thing to save planet but cant save him him self from a lie of the devil and so called

And sadly many forget that in timthony verses explains how people will depart from truth will listen to another stuff what has nothing do with bible this is what it means folowing human stuff instead by biblical teaching

when i readed context it was also talking about some things dealing with efezians not shure how to say that or it s ephantians but i can shure its some part of gnostic beliefs or something

best qoute i add link

next is by proffesionals

I belive that this is good lesson to every person because i my self learned an big lesson and that is to help yourself help another and other is if you want that you change the world change start with yourself

I mean survive while alive. We have to get into space and colonise.
We know in about 5 billion years from now plus or minus that our sun will become a red giant and destroy the earth.

From the linked article:

“But Cyrus’s anti-natalist views are not out of sync with others of her generation. The Australian bioethics blog Mercatornet reports that New Zealanders in their “prime childbearing years” are not reproducing. “[C]limate change, overpopulation of the planet, scarcity of resources, and climate-induced migration” are all cited as reasons. One respondent said he “didn’t know if he wanted to bring a child into the world where humanity would be ‘treading on each other.’ Although they still wish to have children, the couple have decided to make the sacrifice for the sake of the planet. ” (Emphasis added.)”

So, many millenials decide to save the planet by not having children. This at a time when fertility rates are declining globally, threatening drastic population decline. Some seem to believe that human extinction would be good for the planet.

I believe the purpose of the planet, and all physical and nonphysical creation, is to direct our souls to God and form a relationship with Him while allowing us to make the choice freely and fairly.


The rate of increase is declining. The population is increasing. And is forecast to do so until at least the beginning of the next century.

Hopefully another unavoidable/undetected asteroid takes care of that dilemma for us.

Option B, Fix the current suffering of God’s creation , the earth, as we see fit, so it provides potable water, enough food and shelter for all, so it is habitable in the future.

So we will not be alive once final judgement comes and we live in eternity with God?

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