What’s the purpose of our planet?

Yes we should take care of the planet. However, that will have no impact at all when the sun becomes a red giant and swallows the earth in several billion years. The planet will be destroyed.

Are you deliberately missing my point or do you really not get it. I am not talking about the afterlife with God or in Hell.
I am talking about the human race before death, i.e. as you and I are at this moment. The human race will only survive by getting off the earth.

5 billion years from now we will have the technology to move the planet to another solar system.

Is it nice living in fantasyland?

Ah, George Carlin, a classic liberal (perhaps) or libertarian, or simply a social critic. And, most of all, a modern visionary and prophet of doom, tinged with comedy. A rare performer.

Then we’d better get started now! Seriously though, don’t you think we’ll destroy ourselves way before the sun does, or evolve to only G-d knows what kind of species?

Thats a long shot. It would probably be easier to find a planet we like and terraform it.

In any case, in the normal lifecycle of stars our sun will indeed expand into a red giant whose diameter will reach past the orbit of the earth. Talk about global warming!

But we’ve still got time for quite a few generations of humans before then, providing that people decide to start having kids. Some of them will no doubt excel at space travel.

There’s no hurry.

Well you know, if God doesn’t want the sun to go super nova and become a red Giant then a white dwarf, it won’t. If and when God wants to destroy the planet, He will. It is not up to the sun, it is up to God.

don’t you think we’ll destroy ourselves

I, personally, believe we are being guided so we don’t destroy ourselves. That is not very easy to prove. Maybe we will be travelers and explorers among the stars. Terra forming is probably the most logical means of finding a new world to populate.

Is it nice living in fantasyland?

I am a realist. Although some of the concepts I have encountered in my lifetime were fantasy at one time. When I lived in 1982 I never could have imagined the world today .
2000 years ago the airplanes and nuclear submarines were total fantasy. What is it going to look like in 500, 1000, 2000 years from now?
Computing power doubles every 18 months.

What does it really mean to save a planet?

The only way we can contribute to the well-being of anything is to love. We need to learn this and become this. Otherwise we are talking meaningless rubbish. Getting rid of humanity presupposes the idea that the value of our earth is greater than our existence. Where is the love for humanity in that idea? Where did they get that idea from?

It’s just warped morality.

I disagree, we should focus our efforts on getting to alpha centuari. First we send a probe to make sure there is a planet with a liveable atmosphere. And then we send humans.

I am more than happy to sacrifice my life to make the trip. When i land i will name the planet “I Want God”.

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