What’s worse to do to a criminal torture or death penalty?


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Torture is intrinsically evil


Yeah, actually capitol punishment is worse


It can be,yes, of course
Take a look also at the map where CP is still in place.
It is quick to find in Wiki under Capital.Punishment.


See if the map and some reflecting helps.

And I am sorry,I do my best,at least I try…


No, capital punishment is not supposedly torture unless they botch the job. Torture is inhumane and I can’t see anyone hurting someone else like that. A pilot whose plane went down was burned alive somewhere in Iraq because terrorists got him.

Some tortures automatically kill like back in the old days when Nero ordered torturous deaths. Imagine boiling oil or the brazen bull.

Torture and death sometimes go hand-in-hand, but just torture alone can leave someone maimed for life. (I heard of a really bad one often practiced in the mid East and other places like Khazakstan. It is called the Khazook,but I won’t tell you what it involves.)


You asked: “Is CP torture now?”
There is CP in several nations in the world. Not only in US.
So if we have a look at the map and analize a little further about CP,then we may come to that conclusion.
My answer: Yes,it can be. Of course it can.
And a means to subdue and for any sort of reason. And the process leading to CP inhuman ,unfair and even arbitrary,and in the most inhuman conditions.
A sofisticated and long form of torture.
Hope it helps explain what I meant.


Capital punishment is not instrinsically evil. Torture can be, depending on circumstances and the object of the form employed (if it’s to cause direct physical pain, it’s probably not allowed.) Hence, both are potentially admissible is under certain circumstances, though the Church has never been too clear on when. It’s not like we’re going to publish a handbook of acceptable tortures any time soon, either.


I oppose both in conscience and principle. [In such way that defer further comment.]


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