What sends someone to hell?


Hell sounds like a horrible place. How does someone end up there? Is it unrepented mortal sin? Is it choosing a life contrary to God’s will? Is it being mean, rude, and Terrible to your neighbors?

How do people end up there?

(I hope no one is there)


We send ourselves there-essentially by choosing cold selfish pride over self-giving humble love. By persistently preferring ourselves to God-as it’s said that Adam did with his first sin. By failing to love God and neighbor. The Catechism quotes St John of the Cross as saying,
“At the evening of life we shall be judged on our love”.


Untimate unrepentance. Happens two ways: I don’t believe I need forgiveness or I don’t believe God can/will forgive me. Presumption and despair.


Catholic doctrine teaches that mortal sin without the Sacrament of Confession will send someone to hell.


Refusal to seek God’s forgiveness.


it is God in His righteousness who sends unrepentant sinners into Hell. It should be noted that a single mortal sin not repented is enough for God to send us to Hell.


Unrepented sin sends someone to hell. We are all sinners, we all fall. BUT if we say “Oh well I’m no good any way I will just keep on doing what I’m doing so why ask for forgiveness” THAT is unrepented sin. If someone says “OH I can’t go to confession or ask God’s forgiveness because what I did is SO bad He could never forgive me” that is unrepented sin and that is saying that God’s mercy is NOT greater than anything I did—which is NOT true. Or if we just say “so what if I sin, everybody does it, it’s part of life and we aren’t perfect anyway so I’ll just be as good a person as I can be and that’s that” nope unrepented sin.

We are ALL sinners but what saves us is that we search our conscience, admit what we did was wrong, be sorry for what we did that was wrong and ASK Our Lord’s forgiveness in Confession. We must do this often.

The only difference in a Saint and a sinner is that a Saint is a sinner who keeps trying and after each fall knows they fell, admits why they fell, and ask’s God’s forgiveness in Confession.


Very well said!

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What sends someone to hell?

Watching Real Housewives…


That IS Hell!! If that isn’t one of the seven levels of Hell, then there is an eighth.


Unrepentant mortal sin at the time of death will send a soul directly to hell.


Dragging your husband to a ballet would definitely qualify. Fortunately, my wife knows better.


For the one being dragged or the one doing the dragging? Ha ha!


Ohhhh, good point!



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Ballets are eternal torment.


For the one being dragged or the one doing the dragging? Ha ha!


The biggest sin that people did in Hell was rejecting Jesus.


This is the one that does it. Key word being “unrepented”; if you are repentant than you can be saved from perdition - even if you repent on your deathbed.


Is it possible to forget about a mortal sin we may have committed in the past? I once asked a priest this question, and he said as long as we have the full intention of confessing all of the sins we have committed.

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