What should a christian do if faced with..?

A morally unjust economic deprivation of monetary power as the result of a complete monopoly over a currency by a corporation?

Consult an attorney?

I’m not sure what a Christian should specifically do…but I’d say a person of any religion or non-religion, if someone has taken their money or fired them from a job and it is unjust, they should of course try to get it/them back.

Can you be more specific?


That is WAY too vague to answer.

I agree. this is way to vague to answer…Thus my answer might be just as vague.

A Christian should act in the same manner regardless of the situation. That is, with Agape and all of the virtues that stem from Agape.

I am note sure what the OP means by a corporation having a “complete monopoly of a currency”…I know of no such situation as it pertains to “legal tender”…now if it’s “monopoly money”…:shrug:

Perhaps the OP could be a bit more clear…


When we receive a paycheck, we are receiving currency, and the company we work for is giving us what we agreed to receive when we got the job or got our last pay increase (or decrease). The currency is controlled by your employer (the corporation) in that they transmit the currency to you (or not, or hold back some to pay your taxes, etc.)

Unjust economic deprivation of monetary power: Your ability to buy necessities and/or non-necessities is your monetary power. And unjust deprivation would be if they held back part of your agreed to paycheck for some reason that is not part of your employment agreement, or because of the local job market were able to employ with less than a living wage.

That is how we as individuals experience the OP situation.

And, as Catholics we either tighten our belts, get a different job, or take the employer to court if they are breaking the law (but to afford that it might have to be a class action lawsuit).

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