What should a person do if he is receiving messages from Jesus?


It has come to my attention lately that two local people in a neighboring parish to mine have been claiming for several years to be receiving messages from Jesus himself. I investigated some of these claims and have since found that the messages claim Pope Benedict to be the antichrist and various newsletters submitted by the small group of followers amassed blatently states the encouragement of all to openly question the authority of the church.

My question is if I have convinced these people that there is the possibility that these messages may be diabolical in nature rather than of God and they say to me “Well what can we do – we don’t know and how can we possibly stop” what should I tell them?

If they are receiving messages constantly how can they escape? Does this require an exorcism? It seems they are unable to prevent them. What does the Church teach for people in that position of spreading these messages to other people? Are their souls in mortal danger even though they can’t stop them?


The protocol for anyone who believes he is receiving supernatural messages from Jesus, Mary, a saint, or an angel is to submit the private revelations to the bishop of his diocese for investigation. If the bishop rules that nothing supernatural is going on, and the person continues to be troubled by such “messages,” he should consult with a priest and/or a medical professional for assistance in stopping them.

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