What Should Catholics Call Mormons?

I think this went over your head. He’s saying he wasn’t perfected as the Son because he hadn’t been born into human form yet. But he still existed.

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Do you have any references to support this statement? In debating this point I quoted a Jesuit (Davis) and a a Catholic Saint (Newman) canonized just last year.

For the record, my church takes no formal position on which belief was supported by which Early Church Father.

Yeah, hopefully I’ll remember when I get home. Sorry for getting a little sassy there.


No problem. Take care and God bless you.


Your “church” only has false beliefs.

If the play is to change history books and names used in the past they will fail miserably. “Mormon” settlers won’t be changed in history.

Wrong gazelam. His writings dont align to your church. Your church and its teachings try to align itself with his writings to try and make yourself seem christian. Your church was only started 200 years ago. How does that make sense?

It would be if your statement were correct, but it isn’t. And you have been shown such more than once.

True. This is why Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions, and Mormonism is not.

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