What should every Catholic own?

Is there anything I should add to this list?

I have:
-2 Rosaries
-4-inch Crucifix figurine
-1 and a half inch Mary figurine
-Sacred Heart of Jesus candle

  • Miraculous Medal
    -Prayer book

What else should I get? I have $30 and thinking about getting a bible, but they are really expensive. Should I get one bible and one more Rosary or something else (bigger cross, Pectoral cross, etc)?

Anything would be greatly appreciated, Thank you :smiley:

You can get a paperback New American Bible for less than $10. I really think that should be your next purchase, before a 3rd Rosary. (Why three?)

Sell everything on that list and give the money to the poor. Then you will lack nothing.

Holy water.

Apparently, some religious, when they are really desperate (this is what I heard, anyway) tie knots in shoe laces and use them as Rosaries.

To add to the list, some reading material on a saint of interest, or some kind of Catholic spiritual reading, to inspire. Just make sure the book’s a Catholic one!

Hi, Dallas!

…there are two things missing from your list: Bible and scapulars.

…I have good news, though… both can be gotten free!

There are several sites that have on-line Catholic Bibles; there are a few with free Catholic Bibles that can be downloaded to your computer; there’s even an app for the Jerusalem Bible for smart phones; and the scapulars can be gotten from local parishes or from Franciscans or other groups, completely free of charge.

Now, if you are really in the fringes… you can contact your Bishop and ask for a free Bible–and if you don’t let your pride guide you, you can ask the parishioners in your local parishes for a Bible (I’m sure that there are more than one family with an extra Bible or two).

Maran atha!


PM me your address and I will send you a bible.

Just checked on Amazon for Catholic Bibles. Click HERE for the first page of search results.

Out of the 19 bibles listed on this page, only 3 are over $30. Some are even under $10.

If you don’t yet have a Bible, you need to get one.

If you already have one, you might consider getting a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (also listed on that page).

And if you want, you could even get both for under $30.

God bless you!

Also, the Laudate app is free.



…I think that you’ve just made mom spin in her grave…

…why three?

…why not thirty-three?

…her devotion was not to method but to God–she had special occasion Rosaries; she had Rosaries for group prayer (in case others did not bring their own); she had Rosaries from Rome, from Washington, from Lourdes, from Assisi, from the Holy Land…

…not once did she collect elephants or monkeys or pigs or cows or dogs or lions or gnomes–she did have a dolls collection, once!

…but Rosaries, Novenas, prayers, books… and yes, Bibles!

Maran atha!


As others have mentioned; Bible, Holy Water, Scapulas.


…by that logic the Vatican Museum and all of the ancient Cathedrals, which would include the Sistine Chapel, along with all of the Churches around the world that contain any artistic value should be sold and the mullah given to the poor.

Maran atha!



…I don’t think it is desperation… more like functionality; mom would use beans or buttons to pray as she cooked or did craft/sewing…

Maran atha!


Uh, no. The Sistine Chapel is irreplaceable. On the other hand, you can read the Bible without owning a physical book, you can pray the rosary without owning a rosary, and you can pray every valid prayer and liturgy in existence with nothing more than a smartphone. The idea that a Catholic is defined as a Catholic by the list of things that they own is a very dangerous idea.

Hi, Gertabelle!

…it can also be accessed free on-line; I’m sure that the Vatican or the USCCB or EWTN would have a free downloadable copy.

Maran atha!



I concur with your concluding sentence. Catholics should not be defined by what they own or do not own; however, a practicing Catholic that does not own the tools of his/her trade is quite an easy mark for the thousands who prey on those who are on the fringes of the Faith (illiterate and almost oblivious to Catholicism).

…though I can see your point as mom, when she was but six years old, made her own Rosary (the first she ever had) from seeds and a string.

It is the implementation of our Faith that matters… but having tools facilitate the practice, learning, and passing the Faith to others.

Maran atha!


Sounds like you have quite the collection already!

Holy Water can be gotten for free - any clean, empty plastic bottle with a tight cap (like a small water bottle) can be used for it and you can generally get it in the church vestibules especially of larger churches and shrines.

I’d take up the offers of a free Catholic Bible and Scapular. Give part of your money to the poor instead of spending it on more stuff. Focus on learning to use the items you have regularly and well.

I thank you for your extraordinary generosity, but I would rather spend my money than yours. (On your previous post) Also, I have Laudate, great app.

God bless!

Thanks for the advice :thumbsup:

I’ll be sure to donate to the needy

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