What should I do about a spouse who wont cooperate in faith?

My wife, a catholic, has over time fallen away from the faith. Additionally, she has made it very unbearable for me to practice mine. As she has fallen away, I have grown closer to the Church. This makes for a very difficult situation and for example when Sunday rolls around it becomes unbearable, normally I usually go by myself. Sometimes I miss Mass just to keep peace in the household (which of course causes me even more heartache). Right now my only course of action is prayer for her to come around. I currently have to sneak off to Confession and Adoration so as to avoid the problems. But my question is, in the meantime, should I be “keeping peace” or should I just continue to go Mass, Confession, and Adoration without her? (I can say my Rosary at bedtime which doesnt cause a problem)

Dear Jim,

As you have been learning, peace at all costs is not peace. Loyalty to Christ is more important than any other loyalty. Missing Sunday Mass is a mortal sin. Keeping peace with your wife is not worth a mortal sin. Be a man for God’s sake! Pray your rosary and go to Confession and Mass openly. What are you afraid of? If she wants to make a fuss, let her make a fuss.

I don’t know you or your wife. But from what you have written, I find myslef wondering what kind of marriage you had in the first place for you to be so passive.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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