What should I do about my child's baptism

I was married in the Catholic Church and my wife who is a baptist refuses to have my children baptized in the church. My children and I attend mass every week (2 and 5 yr old)
My five year old keeps asking to get baptized I am not sure what to do I have talked to my priest and he says “don’t worry everything will work out”. And it kind of is because my kids are asking to get baptized but I still feel so much anxiety over it some days

I will also mention that my wife and I where not originally married in the church because I was an agnostic when we got married and 3 years later I came back to the Catholic Church we had are marriage convalidated, which she took part in. She was very anti catholic when we got married and now believes the catholic church is a good Christian option but not for her

Any ideas would be helpful

Did you ask the priest specifically if he would baptize your children? I think you can have them baptized even if your wife doesn’t consent, but of course that may create problems in your marriage and I think that is what you are really concerned about.

I will go to the next baptism preparation class at my parish

Since she feels that the Catholic Church is a “good Christian option,” and it seems she’s not opposed to them being raised Catholic, I think it would help if you know more specifically WHY she refuses to have them baptized in the Church.

Is baptism a symbol to her, or something deeper? Is it important to her that they are old enough to consent or choose for themselves? Is there a cultural or family or emotional reason, such as she would prefer to see them go through the baptismal ceremony at her church? Or is there some other reason?

You don’t have to answer these here, just try to understand her feelings and what her objection is, exactly, and then perhaps you can address that particular objection (and those feelings) more easily.

He did say his wife was Baptist, which means she doesn’t believe in infant or young child Baptism.

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