What should I do as an outsider looking in?

Is there anyway for me to receive communion if:

My 1st marriage annulled.

Remarried a Catholic but marriage outside of Church - Her first marriage never annulled.

She has become a pastor in a pentacostal church and will not
come back to Catholic faith (meaning no to trying to get annulment).

Have contacted parish priest about situation and have not heard back. Said he would try to put the issue before the tribunal.
Been over a year.

Miss receiving the sacraments a lot. Attend church regularly though.


You are a Catholic. Your first marriage was annulled. Your second marriage to a Catholic was outside of the Catholic Church. You should have no trouble getting that annulled since Catholics cannot marry validly outside of the Church. It sounds like you are currently single. If you are living in a celibate way, just go to Confession and you may receive Holy Communion.

Go to another priest with this. You should be able to get an annulment in a short amount of time. You are not an outsider!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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