What should I do here (reusing train tickets)?


So here’s the story:

My sister and I needed to take the train from the suburbs to the city today to run an errand.

Using her money I purchased two one-way train tickets. Once on the train my sister told the conductor that we wanted a “layover” (I didn’t understand why), even though we got off at the stop we intended to (and paid to go to) without getting-off at a previous station (as would normally happen during a layover). I kept the tickets with me.

I later determined that my sister’s reason for doing so is tied to my family’s financial difficulties: she has to get to work almost every day and wanted to “save” these tickets for later to use to get to work (hence why she got them punched by the conductor as “layovers”). She stated we cannot afford to do otherwise.

As I see it, we paid to go one way and did so sucessfully; we reached our destination as was planned without making any layovers. I thus believe that these tickets cannot be used again because they had already been used to reach our destination.

I still have the tickets on me. Should I throw them away to prevent my sister from using them again, or just give them to her?

P.S.: It is true that finances are tight in my family. In fact, this issue has been a source of problems for me and my family (who hold that, since we are poor, we cannot afford to do otherwise). Nonetheless I feel that nothing, not even poverty, excuses what I see as being a form of theft: not paying for something we are using (in this case a service, a train ride). Poverty isn’t an excuse as far as I am concerned. We must still pay the fare (dependent, of course, on whether the conductor is doing his rounds and tickets us; there are times when the conductors don’t ticket people or don’t visit a specific train car before I reach my final destination).


Hi Lotus. Happy New Year. First of all… I wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear of the financial difficulties of your family. So many of us, who can sympathize with you on this concern. And more and more so, with the unemployment rate being so high.

But I feel that you are correct in your assessment that the “ONE WAY” Tickets have already been used; and therefore, using them again… would be a form of stealing. Being poor, does not give us permission to break God’s Laws.

My humble opinion is that they should not be used again. I hope that someone from your area, who uses the trains… will be better able to advise you, than I. But that is the way I see the situation. The tickets were purchased as “One Way”… and should not be used again.

God bless you :winter:


if the tickets are punched and you attempt to use them again but they are regualrly not checked then you run the risk of beign caught out. if they are not stamped or dated then they are probably valid. I know that in the uk it is perfectly legitimate to reuse a postal stamp which has not been postmarked. It is the postal services duty to mark it as having been used.

However if your tickets were stamped and you arrived at the destination you’d paid for then I dont see the problem, they should bediscarded.


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