What should I do if a high rank KofC at my parish is mason?


I was very disturbed last weekend after Easter mass at my parish, I saw one of the high rank Knight of Columbus, get into his car (he was wearing the fancy costume with the feathered hat) and his car had a huge freemasonry symbol in the front of the car. This Knight was at the mass procession, I don’t think there is a place for masonry at church. My understanding is that masonry is forbidden by the church catholic.com/quickquestions/what-does-the-church-say-about-freemasonry

What should I do about this? I am cradle catholic, my husband was raised protestant but in the last couple of years he has been seriously considering becoming catholic, he started attending RCIA this past January. His upbringing involved a lot of anti-catholic ideas, including things like the masons are behind all of this, or the jesuits are masons.
He was asked by a friend from church last year, to join the order of knights, and I was a little bit hesitant about the secrecy of the initiation ceremony, but he went ahead and joined.

After last Sunday’s mass,we both saw this gentleman getting inside his car, and we were both very disturbed. Specially him, given his background of anti-catholic legends.

Can you please share any advice as to what to do? I thought about asking my pastor, but I know he is also a knight, so not sure what to do or who to talk with.

you do nothing. You mind your own business.

I wouldn’t assume that he is a Mason just because his car has a Masonic symbol. You could ask him about him if he is a Mason, or ask your pastor. You are correct that a Catholic should not be a Mason, but enforcement of this may well be spotty. Undoubtedly, some Catholics are Masons without even knowing that the Church forbids it.

Do you have proof beyond a bumper sticker? Did you ask him about the sticker? Because it might not even be what you think it is. You wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions without knowing more about the situation first.

Your description of the man’s attire means he was a 4th Degree Knight, and it just seems awfully unlikely that such a man would also be a Mason. Are you sure of the symbol you saw? Could you describe it?

For the most part, concur: The most you might do is make a simple inquiry with the gentleman himself, or with the Grand Knight or Chaplain of his council, if you can determine who those gentlemen are. But beyond that, it is not something for you to pursue, nor to continuously petition any of those officers until the question is answered to your satisfaction.

For good or for ill, the Knights are a private organization, free to set their own membership guidelines, and to enforce those guidelines as they deem appropriate, They have very little interest in pursuing accusations from anyone outside the order or otherwise outside the “chain of command”.

As noted by several above, I would suggest you do not have all the facts at this time. (Among other things, even *the fancy costume with the feathered hat *does not necessarily indicate *high rank *other than that the gentleman is a member of the 4th Degree (But he need not be a serving nor former officer)),


If I’m reading this correctly (hope not). What’s more troubling than the suspicion of the other fellow is your husband, a Protestant being brought into the Knights. One of the basic requirements to becoming a Knight of Columbus is being a practical CATHOLIC male in good standing with the Holy See.

From KoC Supreme Concil Web site:

A practical Catholic accepts the teaching authority of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals, aspires to live in accord with the precepts of the Catholic Church, and is in good standing in the Catholic Church.

But in some places they behave as a quasi-official part of the Church, wouldn’t you say? They take part in processions in the Church, during Mass, etc.
I think it is a scandal, if someone is publicly out in their Knight garb, and also has Masonic-affiliation items.
It has already caused scandal to the original person who posted, and her husband!

maybe it wasn’t his car -maybe he borrowed it. or maybe when he bought the car it had a masonic symbol on it.

Ask him, and if he is then give him the rundown on the Church and Freemasonry. I recommend John Salza’s book, “Why Catholics Cannot be Masons”.

My thoughts to.

If your husband is still protestant and a knight, that can be as scandalous as a mason being a knight.

While it’s true that Catholics may not be Masons, it’s also true that because in North America today’s Masons don’t have the anti-Catholic vibe that they do in Europe, not everyone is aware of that fact. According to the commentary I’ve read on the Code of Canon Law, more than one North American bishop pushed to have the Masons removed as one of the organizations one must not join back when the 1983 Code was being prepared. That was vigorously opposed by European bishops who have quite a different experience with Masons.

I’ve attended a few K of C dinners where the guests of honour were high ranking Masons, invited for no other reason but that they were high ranking Masons. No wonder people are confused.

what are the other organizations?

OP, are you sure it was a Masonic symbol? The Knights have symbols, too. May it have been one of these: google.com/search?q=4th+degree+knights+of+columbus+symbol&gws_rd=ssl?

Also, 4th Degree KC “garb” is a uniform called regalia and the feathered hat is called a chapeau.

Do you know another fellow Knight of his that you could ask about this?? God Bless, Memaw

Masons must be purged from the Knights of Columbus. Knights were partly created to offer an alternative to the Masions. They must NOT be allowed to further infiltrate the KofP.

As a Knight, you must demand Masions to be expelled.

Their rituals and beliefs are not acceptable for any practing Christian.

I wI’ll recommend a Lighthouse Catholic Media cd shortly which gives a great explanation why Masions (even in North America) is against the Church.

I had read too quickly over that part of the OP. :eek:

Scandalous indeed if a non-Catholic was simulated admission to the Order.


Knights are frequently invited to participate in such ways (They do not do so as a matter of Church protocol, nor without invitation).

Yet it remains a private organization. Any Ordinary would be within his rights to forbid them operating within his diocese (Not that I know any who ever have nor would).


listen to Lighthouse Media talk by Mark Miravalle on St.Maximillian Kolbe amd the problem of freemasonry. Serious business here.

Do not mistake my advice for sympathy toward Catholic so-called Masons.

But I stand by my advice that the proper place to address it is with the gentleman himself and within his own council. (eg. If somone would take it upon himself to send frequent emails, letters and telegrams to the State Deputy, the Supreme Knight, the bishop, et centera, I confidently predict precisely zero action would be taken by those individuals, except possibly to commence routinely ignoring correspondence from that person)


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