What should I do in this situation?

I know this might sound really scrupulous and it probably is but bear with me.

At my high school we have a policy allowing two tardies and then the third is an after school detention. This third tardy/after school detention would result in taking finals. Friday morning I was tardy. I think it wasn’t my fault considering there was a wreck on the major road that I go to my school. A lot of people I think were tardy although I’m not quite sure. When I was in line that morning to get a tardy, I was talking to a girl that took that road and said she was questioning why she got that tardy. I didn’t take that road because I knew I would be late to school anyway. Although I was quite in shock when the usual way I took was backed up with traffic. I managed to take short-cuts to skip an intersection because then I would be really late to school. However, I still managed to hit traffic. More-so than usual.

When I got to first period I told my teacher that the road that we took was really backed up and closed (which it wasn’t at the time, there was an accident) and so he emailed the assistant principal to tell her my situation and revoke my tardy and after school detention. The thing that I’m worrying about is that if I lied or not? I didn’t go on that main road but the traffic from that road was spilling onto the road that I usually take. I didn’t specifically say that to him when I explained the situation, but it was kind of the main concept.

So now I’m exempted from finals, but I just want to know if this was a lie and that since the school gets money for me being in school that if I’m stealing from the school because I fought for my tardy to be revoked?

Yes you are being scrupulous.

You thought you shouldn’t be tardy as a result of a wreck. This was a circumstance that should be an excuse from being tardy. Let it go and be grateful to that teacher.

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