What should I do with all of my music now?

I heard a talk recently from a Catholic musician on the issue of music piracy, sharing CDs, etc.

For a long time I didn’t think borrowing a friend’s CD to import into your own music library was considered stealing, but I was wrong. A friend mentioned something like that to me earlier, but I stubbornly dismissed it.
This was a selfish act, because hundreds and hundreds of songs (probably the majority) of my library is music I got from friends. Two friends were the biggest contributors, and one of them seldom purchases his music. He downloads it off the internet and I get it from him (I didn’t really think about this until later, but I kept the music anyway).

So the question is, If I want to love God with all my soul, with all my strength, and all my mind, so should I simply get rid of all the music I got that I didn’t buy myself? Moreover, is the fact that I kept and listened to all this “stolen” music, since my collection is so expansive, a mortal sin?
My friends and I always saw it as expanding our interests and sharing bands we like. I’ve helped my mother copy and distribute worship/spiritual CDs to her Bible study friends (I don’t think either of us knew what we were really doing at the time).

It’s probably the Devil giving the illusion social pressures, but I feel so I’m always scared of appearing neurotic and uptight if I tell them that no, I got rid of it because it is stealing and not done with integrity (if they ever ask me how they liked the music they gave me)

You have to delete the music immediately. You haven’t committed a mortal sin yet, so you can still receive Holy Communion. Just make sure you mention this in your next confession.

Go through your music and pay for the songs that you like. Delete the others.

My 2 cents.

Upon returning to the church, and learning and growing in my faith, I had deleted EVERYTHING that was not initially mine in the first place or was not specifically free for download (say something like Adobe reader and so on.)

Once I returned to the church, I confessed to what I’d done and haven’t done it since and have no intentions of doing so. I’ve been making wonderful use of iTunes for movies, television shows and music when I can find something I am looking for there. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find everything in the Canadian iTunes. But there are other stores that allow instant downloads.

This is my opinion. For some this is a sticky topic. I personally think you should delete, and rebuy what you did like through the proper means.

It’s quite a bit of music, so quite a bit of money, but I should support the artists that I listened to so frequently.

Destroy what you currently have, and do not accept any further illegal copies. You do not need to discuss it with anyone, if you don’t want to. Just a polite, “No thank you” will suffice.

I will repeat what everyone else said. Delete everything you haven’t paid for.

When I converted I had several hard drives FULL of illegal movies. ): I have gone through them all and deleted everything that I didn’t have a physical copy of (surprisingly I need very little hard drive room to store my movies now!!! :wink: ).

There are a few things I’m still not clear on.

  1. If a movie is from a country that has different copyright laws is it still illegal to own it (say, a movie from Taiwan or something? I don’t actually KNOW what their laws are but this is just an example)?

  2. If a television show is currently airing is it illegal to watch it on youtube and/or download episodes of it??? (I could just as easily record it on VHS but it’s more convenient to just download the episode in question… I have to admit I’m not sure why recording it isn’t illegal while downloading would be?)

Anybody know anything about the above? :shrug:

Most countries have agreements to honor each others copyrights.

Recording itself isn’t illegal. Neither is copying for personal use. The problem is distributing copies.

Copyright protects the author/publisher right to control who, well, copy the work.

Once you own a copy, you are free to lend the original out, as well as resell the copy. You cannot, however, sell any copies you make for your own use, with certain exceptions.

Hmmm… so if a friend of mine buys a CD and lends it to me listen to and import into my own iTunes library, or makes a copy of it for another friend, is that an issue?


That’s what I ended up doing.

How does that work in the electronic world? Is sharing the copy with friends online considered lending or distributing? I guess the lines just seem really fuzzy to me. :shrug:

See, this is the ambiguity. With a normal good, if you lend it out you no longer have it. With digital copies, you can have 2 copies or a million copies and you get to keep the original.
If someone steals your hat, you no longer have a hat. If someone copies your music, you still have it.

I look at it from a different perspective because you go around in circles thinking like that. I think of it more that a musician creates songs and we pay them a fair price for their work.

Its a sticky matter, because technically you are in fact violating the copyright by copying the CD. However, under the principal of “fair use” and “first sale”, the copyright holder does not enjoy absolute control over the product once the original copy is sold.

So, if a family shares a CD, its a reasonable use that they all copy it to their computers. Or if you and a friend split the cost of a CD, then it’d be a fair to both copy it.

However, if you just start lending it to anyone and everyone, then you’re publicly distributing copies that you didn’t pay for, and it would be hard to justify such actions under either “fair use” or “first sale”. Same with, say, copying CD’s rented from the library.

Unfortunately, its pretty ambiguous. :shrug:

Best to just stick with hard copies. :slight_smile: Because all the ambiguity is just confusing.

Time to sign up for some free internet radio. :wink:

what about bootlegs? music that is not commercially available like unrealeased songs, demos, studio stuff etc

some of my CDs I have I loaned to my oldest niece. I purchased the CDs with my own money. My niece wanted to import some of the songs for her iPod. None of my music is illegaly downloaded. I paid for it or received the commercial sold in stores CDs as gifts in one or two cases.

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