What should I do with my Pyx?



I currently own a Pyx that I no longer use and no churches or other parishioners or religious stores will accept it as a donation to be used by their Extraordinary ministers of the Holy Eucharist. I have no use for it since I do not take communion to anyone, what should I do with the Pyx? it has been blessed and I just don’t like to have it sitting around or shoved somewhere, what should I do??? Can I "dispose of the Pyx?

Thank you for any help.


I have one too. I asked a priest friend to purify it after Mass one day, then lined it with a small piece of velvet. I put my great-grandmother’s wedding ring and a piece of the rosary she brought with her from Italy in it and it sits on a shelf in my prayer room/office, with a few other religious objects.

Someday, when my schedule allows it, my pyx will be restored to it’s original use.


Thanks for the help, I am just concerned that I haven’t purified it properly, it was used maybe 5 months ago for the last time and I am so worried I didn’t purify it, but as I can recall, there weren’t any visible pieces from one single consecrated Host, should I be worried???


I wouldn’t worry. You can always ask a priest to purify for you, though it’s not necessary. I only did because the priest is a friend.

You could do it yourself. Put a little holy water in it, swirl it around, and pour the water into a potted plant in your home, or in one of your flower beds, just make sure it’s not someplace that has foot traffic, and you don’t just pour it down the drain. You could even consume the water if you wanted. Let it air dry, wrap it up and store it in a place where it will be safe- a dresser drawer, jewelry box, or the like.


No one will accept it be useful?
I was going to say to give it to the person who trains EM’s. I would think that a new person bringing the Eucharist to the homebound could surely use it. I can’t imagine why a Church would not accept it to have an "extra’ on hand. :shrug:
I like the previous posters idea though. Very sweet.
God bless. Nice that you thought of how to preserve it.


How about giving it up and offering it back to the Church? The Healey International Relief Foundation can send it to a priest who will probably weep with joy upon receiving it. Maybe you have other unused liturgical items in the Church that could be donated. Imagine the joy of a priest who can use a chalice for the Blood of Christ, instead of a jam jar.

The Healey International Relief Foundation, 573 Eayrestown Road, Lumberton, NJ 08048

Their website is: hirf.net/ and their list of needed items is at: hirf.net/items-needed.

Here is the start of an interview with Robert Healey and Mitch Pacwa: youtube.com/watch?v=kl6F0OjuTIw. Be glad that the full interview is not on YouTube, otherwise, you would be weeping.

Up to you.:thumbsup:


Hi, I would think a Priest in the foreign missions could use it.


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