What should I do?


I need help. I’ve recently fallen away from God by sinning and I don’t know what to do. My biggest and worst sin is masturbation. Oh, I hate typing that word! But I can’t stop doing it, the act I mean. I don’t know what to do or how to stop. I feel lost at sea being pulled this way and that and I don’t know where I’ve been or where or I’m going. I want to stop cause it’s really affect my life in a bad way. I’ve gone to confession about this, but it’s still haunting me. Help me, please! What should I do?



None of us can get through a single day without sin - something we do, or say, or think will inevitably be against the spirit of our Christian vocation. It can be easy to focus in on one of the mistakes that we make and become obsessed with our failure to address it, which can exacerbate our unhappiness and anxiety and make it more difficult to actually address the problem.

Believe in God’s forgiveness, in the compassion of Jesus for the sinners whom he met and with whom he spent most of his ministry, and in the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides your conscience. You are not alone, and God has not abandoned you simply because you are human and not perfect. Have faith in His constant love for you, which is not and cannot be taken away from you.

Prayers for you in your struggle


Go to confession each time if you can even if it means different parishes. This type of habit is very difficult and frequent confession of absolute importance. This time of year is good because there are more opportunities to get to confession during lent. A face to face confession and a priest willing to pray over you for assistance would be beneficial. Fr Gabriele Amorth said that a sacramental confession is more powerful than an exorcism and in my experience he’s right, but these problems didn’t happen overnight and they are not always cured overnight.

If there is something influencing it that you can purge from your life then you should do so. If it’s paper burn it. If it’s a television turn it off. Tapes or DVD’s - crush them. If it’s a person please don’t harm that person, but you can let them know of your conversion. This will help. If you can schedule regular prayer times and stick with them it will help. Pray the Rosary. Beg for the grace to resist. Our Lady is a powerful intercessor.


Go to Confession and tell the priest your problem :slight_smile: Listen to his advise and heed it. If you fall, make an act of contrition. Many saints fell, but they got right back up and continued in their spiritual lives toward Heaven. God knows we fall. :slight_smile:

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