What should I do?


I live in Indonesia and I know that there is one priest who is having affairs with married women who are either having problems with their husband or separating from their husbands. He is still leading the masses and even teaching at one of the Seminary schools. I have reported him to the Bishop Administrator and even to the Conference of Bishops but so far no actions are taken. The priest lied when he was confronted. What else should I do??? :confused:


Sounds like you are following the chain of command, so now you have to pray on this one. Follow up with an additional letter to both places. And pray, pray and pray. Some things are now better handled by prayer and more prayer.


I would pray for them as suggested. If this causes a lot of scandal, I would go higher. You will need evidence to go to Rome though. Good luck.


I agree. It appears you did everything you should have. I’d turn to prayer at this point. Also, as was mentioned I’d try to go higher…to Rome.


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