What should I do?


Ive had to fight masturbation for a long time. I had been doing better but I fell last night. I cant get a hold of a priest so I cant get confession until Saturday. I’m so mad at myself and feel dirty. I have to work today and tomorrow but I’m so ashamed I just want to call in sick and hide in my room and pray until Saturday comes. What should I do? Should I call in? Or go to work anyway? Its just a part time job while in school. I feel so bad. Should I just call in today and pray and force myself to go to work tomorrow? What if something happens to me before Saturday?


Make perfect contrition, you already sound extremely sorry for your sin and that is a great step. Email your parish office and have them call you when the priest can see you for Confession. Then pick yourself up and go to work. Forget about your sin or at least put it in the back of your mind and do your job. If you stop everything because you sin then Satan has won. He first wants you to sin and he will make it seem like everything will be wonderful when you sin and then after you sin he will make you feel worse than you did before. Don’t give him the pride. Say an Act of Contrition, ask Mary for help and say a few Hail Mary’s, and maybe a favorite prayer of yours and move on until you can go to Confession.

God bless, I know your situation well and so I know how hard it is to pick myself up and move on but I have to and you have to.



You really should continue your everyday life. I’ve struggled with it as well and one thing that helps is to not keep on dwelling about it. If you stay at home you are just going to find excuses to do it again anyways since you’ll go to confession next saturday. (I know… I’ve been there) Even if you fell if you apologise to God and continue His will in your work and study it is half way to reach contrition.
One thing I did that helped was wearing a golden cross on my chest. Everytime you get naked you see that cross and it helps you avoid it.
Pray a rosary and ask Our Blessed Virgin to help you with purity. She helps me every time.

I’ll keep you in my prayers.



A former member gave me this advice,always keep You Rosary with You,and when You feel the urge,take it in Your hand. It help. And confess asap. God bless You.


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What if something happens to me before Saturday?


Someone asked a similar question when I was RCIA. The priest told us that if we were repentant and truly intended to attend confession at the next available opportunity, then do you really think our just and merciful God would not show us forgiveness?



Be courageous!
God bless.


I’ll say a prayer for you now. Go about your life as we are called to serve our Lord…don’t take a break from that command. When Christ fell under the weight of His cross, He got back up. With His power you can overcome anything.

I struggle with the same issues…we’re men…and I think it’s a common struggle. PM me if you want to share tips on overcoming this sin.

Yours in Christ.


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